Fireplace Surrounds: The Benefit of Using Stone

Stone Fireplace Surrounds Rock Tops Fabrication

Marble fireplace surrounds add elegance to homes

Fireplace Surrounds are another specialty of ours. We can add slate or marble to your fireplace. However, today we will look at the benefit of using stone to surround a fireplace. It’s August, and summer technically doesn’t end until September 22nd. However, there’s never a wrong time to think about enhancing your home. Here’s why stones and fireplace surrounds go hand in hand. 

Stone Fireplace Surrounds are Visually Stunning 

Every home should feel warm, cozy, and inviting. The natural stone helps in that effort. In addition, it gives your fireplace a distinct look. Natural stone also helps to retain heat from your fireplace. Therefore, you can look forward to the room staying warmer for longer. 

A Custom Look 

We can customize your marble fireplace surrounds to ensure that it’s a design you love. There are various patterns, colors, and looks that you can create. Our high-quality custom fabrication skills can help take your fireplace to the next level. 

Stone Fireplace Surrounds Can Add Cohesion to Your Home 

If you have marble or natural stone anywhere else in your home, adding stone to your fireplace can help your home have harmony and cohesion. Design consistency is what you’ll have when you have a few of the same elements throughout your home. 

Home Value Increase  

Unique fireplace surrounds do wonders for a home’s resale value. Most homeowners love the idea of a fireplace, in general. However, stone adds extra elegance to any space depending on its color and design. Stone fireplace surrounds add timeless beauty to any environment. If you ever want to sell your home, this enhancement will draw positive attention to your home. 

Marble is Surprisingly Durable in this Type of Application 

Marble requires more maintenance and is softer than other natural stones. However, it’s more durable than other fireplace materials. Stone, in general, is a sturdy construction material. With the proper natural stone cleaning tips, you can ensure that your stone fireplace surrounds look pristine for years to come. 

Are you warming up to the idea of stone fireplace surrounds? Give us a call today so that our experts can upgrade your fireplace. 


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