Natural Stone Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Cleaning Natural Stone Tips Rock Tops Fabrication

When you add natural stone to your bathroom, it makes the room more elegant and stunning.

When it comes to natural stone, some cleaners are safe to use, and others that you should avoid using at all costs. Natural stone that covers a bathroom vanity or bathtub deck surrounds can last for a long time. However, particular chemicals can leave scratches, break down your sealant and even your stone’s color. Here are a few do’s and don’ts.

Eraser Sponges Won’t Harm Your Natural Stone.

Eraser sponges can clean stone without any damage. The friction helps to melt the soap scum from bathroom surfaces. Eraser sponges also don’t have any chemicals in them. 

Refrain From Using Distilled White Vinegar 

Distilled white vinegar is highly acidic. Its natural acid can break down sealants used on slabs and change the stone’s color. 

Microfiber Towels Are Highly Efficient 

Microfiber towels absorb much more dirt and germs than traditional towels. Microfiber can pick up water, soap, and bacteria efficiently. The cleaning rule of thumb ensures that you wash your microfiber cloths or towels weekly to spread germs inadvertently. 

Refrain From Using Scrubs; Squeegees Are Acceptable

An example of a cleaning “scrub” would be Comet which you don’t want to use because liquid and powdered scrubs can scratch a slab’s surface and damage the stone. Squeegees, on the other hand, are acceptable. Soap scum can detract from the beauty of any bathroom surface, whether it’s your hardware or natural stone. A squeegee serves as a valuable tool to remove soap scum so you can enjoy your bathroom’s appearance. 

Never Mix Bleach and Ammonia

Ammonia refers to a mixture of hydrogen and nitrogen or colorless gas. Ammonia-based cleaners exist, and you should never mix bleach with them. As a result, this combination can break down sealants, but it’s also harmful to the body and can create respiratory problems. 

Other Tips to Help Preserve the Natural Stone in Your Bathroom

  1. Refrain from putting direct heat on surfaces, e.g., straighteners and curling irons
  2. Never allow water to pile up, keep your natural stone surfaces dry, and blot up spills as soon as possible. 
  3. Use cleaners for the specific stone material you have or mild detergents 

When you add natural stone to your bathroom, it makes the room more elegant and stunning. It takes special care to preserve the look of your natural stone. These maintenance tips will ensure that you keep your vanity or tub for years to come. 


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