Outdoor Kitchens/Grill Areas

An outdoor kitchen expands your living space and should allow you to enjoy cooking, eating and entertaining year round. Incorporating interior kitchen ideas to your outdoor setting is a great way to add versatility, value, and fun to your home. Inferior craftsmanship will cause an outdoor setting to deteriorate quickly. When choosing a material for your outdoor kitchen surround counters your priority should focus on durability and then on design.

There are many ideal material choices for outdoor kitchen surround counters and barbecue surround counters. You’ll need a surface that is durable, low maintenance, and matches with the design of your exterior space. Rock Tops Fabrication, Inc. is the industry leader in the fabrication of custom barbecue surround counters and custom outdoor kitchen surround counters for homeowners and building professionals. Stones can be polished and custom produced and are available for pickup or bulk delivery in greater Baltimore and the surrounding counties, including the eastern shore of Maryland and Washington, D.C.


Granite is the toughest option for outdoor counters and surrounds. It stands up well to the elements, doesn’t absorb stains or odors as easily as other stones, and resists fading in the sun. It’s hard to beat granite for ease of use, maintenance, and unmatched durability. Sealing granite countertops is a good idea to prevent stains, and with proper care granite countertops will look great for years. Please note, some colors of granite are not suitable for outdoor use due to sun and weather exposure.