Stock Sinks

Although custom surface fabrication is our core focus, we offer a selection of stock kitchen sinks in standard specifications to provide contractors and homeowners with a start-to-finish solution for kitchen countertop installations.

As the most-used feature in your kitchen, the sink you select should emphasize functionality and durability. We carry a selection of standard-sized stainless steel sinks, which are prized for their clean, neutral color, durability and cost-effectiveness.

What to Consider When Selecting a Stock Sink

When choosing a stock sink for your countertop installation, you’ll want to start by determining the type of installation, how the sink will be affixed to the countertop, and the size and configuration needed (single bowl vs. multiple bowls). Our selection of stock sinks includes a range of standard sizes, configurations and installation types, all in high-quality stainless steel.

Installation Type

Self-rimming sinks are easy to install by positioning over a cutout in the surface of the countertop. Flanges around the edges of the sink overlap the edges of the cutout to provide support for the installation. The downside to self-rimming installations is that the surface of the countertop is no longer flush, as the flanges create a small lip over the flat surface of the countertop.

Undermount sinks provide the solution to this problem and allow the countertop to remain seamless and flush from edge to edge. Undermount sinks can be installed to hang from beneath the countertop or be supported from within the cabinet. Stainless steel sinks are lightweight enough to be installed as undermounts, while cast iron or stone sinks may require special support or mounting.

Size and Configuration

The configuration of a sink refers to the design and includes specifications like the number of faucet holes, the number of bowls and if the corners are rounded or square. Our selection of stock sinks includes single and multi-bowl configurations in a range of sizes. The size of the countertop as well as the kitchen itself should be considered when selecting a size and configuration for your kitchen sink. Larger multi-bowl sinks may not work within smaller kitchens or those with a galley-style layout. If you often wash dishes by hand, however, a multi-bowl configuration may be essential for you.

As the premier custom fabricator of kitchen countertops in greater Baltimore and the surrounding counties, including the eastern shore of Maryland and Washington, D.C., the staff at Rock Tops Fabrication, Inc. is available to answer any questions about our stock sinks and help you select the right configuration for your needs.