Custom-Ordered Stone: What it Does for Your Business

Custom-Ordered Stone Rock Tops Fabrication

Custom-Ordered Stone Helps You Save Money and Reduce Waste

If you’re looking for a custom-ordered stone, you’re in luck! Rock Tops Fabrication specializes in custom fabrication. In short, our skilled professionals use the latest digital templates and tools to custom make stone slabs that can take your business to the next level. Once you approve the measurements and digital template, our fabrication team can produce the final product using state-of-the-art edge cutting, honing, and polishing machinery. Whatever your specifications are, we’ll try out best to see them through. Here are a few reasons why custom-ordered stone is superb. 

Custom-Ordered Stone Helps You Save Money and Reduce Waste

When you buy a stone that’s bigger than what you need, that means that you have to cut it down to size, creating waste in the process. Plus, that also means that you’ve wasted money by ordering a stone that was much larger than you needed in the first place. A stone’s material determines the price, but the slab size also influences the cost. We will select raw material sizes best suited to your order, minimize waste, and save you money in the process. 

Less Risk

You can rest assured that our professionals know what they’re doing. It’s frustrating to damage a piece of stone in the production process and have to start all over again potentially. Breakage causes waste, which will increase your material costs. When you order from us, we assume the risk. You pay whatever price we quote, and allow our team to masterfully install your custom countertop bars, lobby concierge desks, conference tables, executive desks, and more. 

Custom-Ordered Stone Attracts Customers

More customers than not appreciate an atmospheric environment. For example, of course, the taste of the food at a restaurant matters more than anything. However, when customers scroll through your pictures online, they’re going to look for that extra touch of elegance. Two commercial establishments could offer the same quality of services. However, customers will go for the commercial establishment that looks better. What better way than to enhance your business’ appearance than with custom-ordered stone? 

If you’re ready to see what beautiful stone materials we have to offer, give us a call Rock Tops Fabrication today and make an appointment to come by our showroom


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