Kitchen Countertop Edges: Different Types

Kitchen Countertop Edge Treatments

A kitchen countertop can take on multiple faces.

A kitchen countertop can take on multiple faces. There are many options available if you’d like a stand-out kitchen countertop from different colors, materials, finishes, and countertop edges. Today we will focus on the various kitchen countertop edges. Each of them serves a unique function and will benefit your home aesthetically or functionally, depending on your needs.  

Flat, Polished Edges Kitchen Countertop Edges

A flat and polished or eased edge is very common. It’s clean, minimalistic, and modern-looking. This type of edge has a square appearance, but it doesn’t have to be too sharp due to its smoothed edges. The more rounded a countertop edge is, the less susceptible it is to chipping or scratching. 

Rounded Edges

This option adds more roundness to a countertop to aid in a softer appearance. Yet, this type of kitchen countertop edge can still be clean and minimalistic. Once again, the benefit of a rounded edge is that it’s more durable and will be less prone to damages. 

Bullnose Edges

A bullnose countertop belongs to the family of rounded edges. It is the roundest option available. The edges are round from top to bottom, and this type of countertop works well in a family with children. This option will make your countertop appear slimmer, and if you dislike that, you can request a half-bullnose selection. Half bullnose refers to an edge only being round at the top. 

The Benefits of Beveled Edges

A beveled edge refers to a surface that’s at an angle that’s less than 90 degrees. Many beveled edges are 45 degrees. The benefit of this angular selection is that it helps your countertop appear more decorative. If you want to enhance a traditional or contemporary kitchen, this is a valuable option. 

Ogee Edges

If the design scheme in your kitchen is more traditional, then this s-shaped selection may be perfect for you. Ogee edges are intricate and elegant. However, we advise that you keep in mind that it will take some maintenance to keep them pristine due to all their grooves. 

Our eased and bullnose edge treatments come at no charge. The other upgrades vary in price but may be well worth the investment if you want a unique and beautiful kitchen countertop. Give Rock Tops Fabrication a call today if you’d like to upgrade or replace your kitchen countertops. 

QUESTIONS ABOUT OUR CUSTOM Kitchen Countertop Edges?

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