Choosing Between Polished and Honed Kitchen Countertops

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Kitchen countertops are a focal point, which is why it matters to choose a beautiful design

Today we’re going to compare polished versus honed kitchen countertops. When you pick out a new kitchen countertop, there are more factors to consider besides the material. Homeowners have to choose a color, an edge treatment, and of course, a polished, honed, or leathered finish. There are a lot of combinations when you think about it. Let’s dive into the difference between the two and which choice may benefit you the most. 

Polished Kitchen Countertops

Another interchangeable word for “polished” in the custom fabrication industry is “glossy”. Homeowners loved a polished countertop because of its reflective qualities. Its polish gives any countertop, whether natural stone or manmade, a lot of shine. You should go for this option if you want your kitchen to look bright and crisp. Glossy kitchen countertops are also easy to clean—dust, dirt, and grime slide right off the surface. This material finish is typically the most popular choice, but matte has its benefits as well. 

Honed Kitchen Countertops

Another term for “honed” is “matte”. If you’re into beauty trends, then you’re probably very familiar with this term. A matte finish can come in lipstick colors and nail coatings. If you’re a minimalistic homeowner that doesn’t prefer much flashiness, a honed material finish is ideal. A honed kitchen countertop isn’t as sheeny as a polished kitchen countertop. It’s subtle and subdued. 

What’s excellent about a subtler kitchen countertop is that it can, surprisingly, add warmth to a house if your kitchen is very bright. If you already have a lot of natural light in your home and you don’t want your countertop to compete, this option is perfect. We want to note that if you have small children who love to put their food-stained-hands on surfaces, polished countertops are the better option. You may also consider a honed material finish for your bathroom vanity.

A Summary on Polished and Honed Kitchen Countertops

  1. Polished Countertops: Bright, reflective, and ideal for a homeowner that prefers some flashiness or extravagance. 
  2. Honed Countertops: Subtle, ideal for brighter versus darker kitchens, and benefits a minimalistic homeowner. 

If you’re ready for a new kitchen countertop, but you don’t know what your perfect choice is, reach out to Rock Tops Fabrication today! 


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