Consider These 5 Kitchen Countertop Colors!

Kitchen Countertop Colors Rock Tops Fabrication

Pure white kitchen countertops help a space to look crisp and bigger

Colors that you can choose for kitchen countertops can seem limitless. For this reason, we’re here to help. These five kitchen countertop choices are popular and can work well in any home. A kitchen countertop is a permanent addition that can last and stay vibrant for decades, depending on how you take care of it. With this in mind, you never want to be hasty about your choice or rush your decision. Here are five top picks! 

White: Freckled or Softly Veined 

Whether natural or engineered stone, a white or off-white shade with light veining, freckling, or graininess is best for the homeowner who prefers a subtle, yet luxurious look. This sparkling look works well in any household because white is a neutral color, but this selection also helps a kitchen to look contemporary, modern, and fresh. The pale tone makes a kitchen look light, clean, and subtly sophisticated. 

White: Pure

Pure white kitchen countertops are made of manufactured materials, such as what Corian Quartz provides. If you are a minimalist that wants a contemporary kitchen, you’ll appreciate a pure white countertop. The idea of a white countertop may scare you, but quartz resists stains pretty well because it’s a non-porous material, unlike natural stone. 

Black or Dark Kitchen Countertops

Black or dark countertops don’t have to look gothic whatsoever (unless that’s what you’re going for.). If you’re going for a dark palette as far as your cabinets, countertop, and flooring, make sure that plenty of natural sunlight comes into your kitchen if you want more of a sophisticated look. Another trendy look is that classic white-and-black look where some decor in your kitchen is white, while your countertops and cabinets are black. If you want a dark but softer look, dark grey works exceptionally well.

Mid-Tone Countertops

As the name suggests, mid-tone colors are somewhere in the middle of the color spectrum. These colors are somewhere between light and dark. Think soft grays, beiges, and creams. These colors are ideal if you want a peaceful look. Mid-tone colors are by far the most neutral of tones. 

Bold Colors

Bold or dramatic colors work well for large kitchens where you want the kitchen countertop to stand out more than anything else. In other words, your kitchen countertop will be the feature statement. If you crave visual drama, go for large, boldly veined countertops. Typhoon Bordeaux granite is an example of this. 

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