Marble Fireplaces: Why They’re Marvelous

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Marble fireplaces add style and warmth to your home

Fireplaces are a fabulous addition to your home as the summer starts to end. We specialize in marble fireplace surrounds that are highly-decorative and evoke elegance. Because fireplaces serve as a focal gathering place, it makes sense to make this centerpiece unique. Allow us to continue explaining why marble fireplaces are so marvelous.

Marble Fireplaces Bring Beauty and Functionality to Your Home

With a marble fireplace, you get the best of both worlds. You can enjoy a warmer and toastier home, but you can also look forward to extra-added beauty and elegance. Marble, in particular, is luxurious. We also apply this material to our kitchen and bathroom countertops. If you’re a homeowner who wants their home to have upscale appeal, you’ll appreciate marble fireplace surrounds. 

Marble Fireplaces Don’t Have to Look the Same.

The complexities of veining differ from piece to piece. Your stone will be original, handcrafted, and unique. We’re highly skilled at custom fabrication, so much so that one fireplace or countertop made of the same material doesn’t have to look the same. If you want a highly decorative piece that stands out, marble fireplace surrounds helps you achieve just that. 

Marble Fireplace Surrounds are Heat-Resistant 

It makes sense that like granite, marble is a material known for being present in ancient monuments. It also makes sense that marble is heat-resistant. Fireplaces can get pretty warm and toasty, and you want a material that can handle that. This hard, dense stone is water-resistant as well. 

It’s Not Hard to Clean or Maintain Marble Fireplaces 

It’s beneficial that you don’t have to (and shouldn’t use!) bleach or harsh cleaners on your fireplace. If soot, food, or drinks stain your fireplace, you can clean them up with a damp washcloth. If you want to prevent dust buildup, take a quick wipe with a cloth every week. 

Are you interested in having our skilled team install a marble fireplace into your home? Reach out to Rock Tops Fabrication today. We also offer slate fireplace surrounds. This option is the ideal option if you want a larger variety of colors. Fireplaces serve as gathering places that the whole family can enjoy. Nothing beats having a warm home that can protect you from the harsh winter weather. 


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