5 Basics of Choosing Bathroom Vanity Countertops

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Even with every homeowner being unique, there are five basics of choosing bathroom vanity countertops

Every homeowner is unique. Even with this being true, there are five basics of choosing bathroom vanity countertops. It takes a meticulous taste to ensure that a home’s design has cohesion and flow. Your bathroom should serve as an oasis and a place that you can relax and soak the pain away. We install custom marble and granite bathtub deck surrounds and bathroom vanity countertops. If you’d like to enhance your bathroom aesthetically, contact us. You can also come and take a look at our stunning samples. In the meantime, here are five basics of choosing bathroom vanity countertops. 

Your Bathroom’s Size and Dimensions Matter When Choosing Bathroom Vanity Countertops

Your bathroom’s height, width, and depth will impact how your countertop vanity will look. The appropriate dimensions also affect your vanity’s base cabinet’s style and size. Most people use their vanities for storing toiletries and cosmetics. Therefore, you should want your bathroom vanity countertop to be visually appealing and highly functional. 

The Plumbing System

If the plumbing system is outdated or a hindrance to the installation process, you should consider working on the plumbing system before you think about aesthetic appeal. In short, before you consider cosmetics, it’s best to ensure that your bathroom’s foundation is at its most optimal. 

The Material and Finish

Marble is a material best suited for powder rooms that don’t have much foot traffic. Marble is a stunning and luxurious material, but you must consider maintenance and who occupies and visits your home. Not every child will understand that you shouldn’t squeeze toothpaste on a marble countertop even after explaining it several times. Granite is indeed the superior, low-maintenance material. 

If you want a bathroom design that’s out of the norm, you may consider a matte bathroom countertop. Glossy countertops are trendy. However, some homeowners prefer a more natural, rustic, or lived-in aesthetic. Polished countertops, on the other hand, hide smudges and fingerprints better. 

Freestanding or Built-In Bathroom Vanity Countertops? 

Your bathroom’s size is the ultimate factor regarding this decision. If you have a master bathroom, then a freestanding vanity can indeed help you maximize and optimize your space. If your bathroom is smaller, then, of course, a built-in or wall-mounted vanity works best. 

A Bathroom Vanity Countertop Should Complement Your Overall Bathroom Style

Finally, you should keep your bathroom style in mind. If your bathroom is rustic, you should choose a bathroom countertop in a warm color. If you have or would prefer to upgrade your bathroom to a spa-inspired style, go for luxurious colors. Designing your new and improved bathroom will be effortless if you choose a theme and remain consistent with it. 


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