A Few Marvelous Things About Marble Countertops

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If you’re a lover of luxury, marble countertops may be of interest to you.

If you’re a lover of luxury, marble countertops may be of interest to you. It’s a high-end and high-quality material that works well for homeowners who love elegance. These countertops are ideal for kitchens that don’t have a lot of heavy traffic and work well in powder rooms. If marble is a material that suits your fancy, then you’ll find this content valuable. Today we will take a look at a few marvelous things about marble countertops. 

Marble Countertops Don’t Hold Heat, and They’re Hypoallergenic.

A marble countertop doesn’t absorb and hold heat. With it being heat-resistant, that makes this type of surface more durable. With that in mind, that doesn’t mean that you should place hot pots directly onto a marble countertop. It’s always ideal to have a barrier between hot pots and pans and your countertop, regardless of the material. 

This material’s density and low porosity also make it a logical choice because it doesn’t collect dust or animal dander. That means that cleaning in this regard won’t be as taxing. Plus, if allergies are one of your vices, then you’ll appreciate this advantage. 

 Comes in Various Colors

While white marble is timeless, you have many colors, hues, and shades available to you. If you want your marble countertop to come in a red tone, a more earthy tone, or somewhere in between, your wish is Rock Top Fabrication’s command. Another thing to note is that not all white marble countertops are the same. Natural stone has a unique veining based on the oxidation process. With that in mind, a neutral-colored marble countertop can still bring life to your kitchen or bathroom. 

Comes in Polished or Honed Finishes 

Marble gets its name because of how it shines. It gets its name from the Greek word, “marmar,” which means “glisten.” However, if you find that a glistening marble countertop is gaudy, and you’d prefer something more subdued, a matte finish is a possibility. 

Bull-Nosed Countertops Are An Excellent Option 

This material is undoubtedly one of the more sensitive natural stones. You have to be careful with it. It’s a delicate stone more susceptible to chipping. Nonetheless, homeowners and commercial business owners still opt for marble because its beauty is undeniable. You recognize marble when you see it. The best edge treatments for marble countertops are rounded or curved edges, such as bull-nosed edges, because there’s less of a chance that a hard surface will hit them and cause damage. 

QUESTIONS ABOUT Marble Countertops?

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