4 Kitchen Countertop Replacement Considerations

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Every homeowner that’s been in their home for a while has considered kitchen countertop replacement.

Every homeowner that’s been in their home for a while has considered kitchen countertop replacement. The kitchen is an area of the house that should be warm and inviting. Families cook and eat together but also have meaningful conversations and create memories in the kitchen. In short, families bond in the kitchen. When you’re cooking a meal or enjoying time with your family, you should be able to look around at your kitchen countertops and all their splendor. If you’re not happy with the appearance of your kitchen countertops, you can trust our expertise. Here are four kitchen countertop replacement considerations. 


Some materials are more expensive than others. Plus, you have to consider how much area you’re trying to cover and the thickness of the slabs. When you have a price range and budget in mind, it means that you won’t overspend. A common misconception is that when you spend less money, the result will be executed poorly with low quality. Any service you pay for coming from Rock Tops Fabrication is going to be of the highest quality. We believe that all homeowners deserve a stunning kitchen, even when you’re on a budget. 


While neutrals go well with any kitchen, you might be shocked to find that there are colorful countertop choices. Some countertop colors even come in red, blue, or green tones. You don’t have to play it safe, or if you believe in classic colors, you can keep things traditional. Also, something to think about is that even if you choose a neutral color, its veining and patterning can still be striking. There are so many choices that can suit any homeowner’s preferences. 


Some materials are more sensitive than others meaning that you don’t want to place hot pots on them, nor do you want to wait too long before cleaning up a spill. When a material is porous, such as granite or quartzite, you have to seal it periodically. When a material is nonporous, such as quartz, you don’t have to seal it. 


When you invest any serious money into anything, you want to ensure that it lasts. Durability is the name of the game that you want to play when choosing a kitchen countertop. Aesthetics are typically the first thing that comes to homeowners’ minds when it comes to kitchen countertops. The appearance does matter, but you also want to ensure that your countertop lasts a long time. The material you choose attributes to longevity, but it’s all about the upkeep of your kitchen countertop as well. 

If you’re saying “yes” to kitchen countertop replacement, give us a call today so that our professionals can put you one step closer to having your dream kitchen. 


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