A Quartz Countertop is a Practical Choice for Any Homeowner

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A quartz countertop is a practical choice for any homeowner

A quartz countertop is a practical choice for any homeowner. Not only does this material have commercial benefits, but it adds a lot of value to a home as well. Of course, new kitchen countertops have aesthetic value. A new and improved countertop is quite the beauty to behold. However, today we will focus on the more logical reasons being opting for a quartz countertop. When a homeowner spends their money, they want to get the most bang for their buck. Also, no homeowner wants buyers’ remorse. 


Quartz is a hard material because its main component is minerals, making it a very durable material. The Mohs Hardness Scale ranks this material 7th out of 10th, which is ideal for a kitchen countertop. Quartz is stain-and-scratch-resistant, and while not impossible, it takes a lot of effort to damage a quartz kitchen countertop. While natural stones such as granite rank high in durability, quartz is less susceptible to chipping and cracking. 

Quartz Countertops Are Nonporous

What does it mean when a surface is “nonporous,” you may ask? Well, it means a lot. One, it means that spills can’t easily seep through a nonporous surface. It also means that bacteria growth is less likely to happen because quartz has an antimicrobial compound that helps it fight germs and bacteria. This material ranks high in hygiene, but it’s also less challenging to clean, which brings us to our next point. 

Minimal Maintenance

A quartz countertop is low-maintenance because it’s stain-resistant and less susceptible to bacteria. However, you also have to consider that you don’t have to seal nonporous surfaces. While you only have to seal a natural stone countertop annually, some homeowners still forget to do so—the fewer maintenance tasks you have to worry about, the better. 

An Increase In Home Value

Durable countertops have a 60-80% expected ROI, and this material is undeniably worth the investment. Prospective homeowners love a move-in-ready home. They love a low-maintenance home. A kitchen is a home’s staple, and if a prospective buyer doesn’t have to put much work into it, it will help you close the deal. If you agree that a quartz countertop is a logical choice, and you’re ready to improve your home with enhanced countertops, please reach out to Rock Tops Fabrication today! 


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