A Guide to Keeping Your Kitchen Countertop Clean

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Keeping your kitchen countertop clean is manageable, depending on the material that you choose.

Keeping your kitchen countertop clean is manageable, depending on the material that you choose. So long as you seal your countertop and wipe it down (without using harsh chemicals), you can enjoy its beauty for a long time. However, stains aren’t the only thing that homeowners should consider. Keeping clutter on top of your kitchen countertop, (amongst other things), is another way to detract from the beauty of your countertop. Because kitchen countertops serve as focal points, it’s always best to be strategic about how you decorate them, and what stays on top of them. Here is a guide to keeping your kitchen countertop clean. 

Tip #1: Try to Keep Appliances Off of the Kitchen Countertop 

If you use a particular appliance every day, such as a coffee machine, it makes sense not to stow it away. However, it also makes sense for you to store the appliances that you never use, at least not often. What’s excellent about countertops is that most tend to have a lot of storage. If you don’t want bulky appliances taking away from the visual appeal of your countertops, then cut down on how many you sit on top of the countertop. 

Tip #2: Tackle Dirty Dishes Right Away

Another way to make a kitchen countertop look messier than it needs to be is by letting dirty dishes pile. Following through on a nightly routine of washing dishes doesn’t always happen, but making an effort, makes a significant difference. If on any particular night, you don’t feel like washing the dishes, then we at least suggest that you sit them in the sink or use the dishwasher. We don’t recommend that you leave them on the countertop. 

Tip #3: Decorate Strategically 

Countertops by themselves are beautiful. These centerpieces come in an array of colors, textures, and finishes. With that in mind, adding too many decorations or ones that don’t compliment them may become a distraction. Sometimes, more is less. We encourage you to use stunning decor, but leaving too many things on any surface, can create clutter. 

Tip #4: Find Another Place for Mail and Paper Products

From magazines to bills to food menus from restaurants that we love, every homeowner has papers that they’ll need to look over again and again. However, stowing them on the kitchen countertop is one way to keep the clutter growing. Your countertop (and your home in general) will look neater if you find a place to file all of your vital documents (and tasty food menus). 

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