Why are Polished Granite Countertops so Trendy?

Polished Granite Countertops

Polished granite countertops offer the best of both worlds.

Polished granite countertops offer the best of both worlds. This option presents you with stunning aesthetics. However, it also provides the durability and longevity that homeowners crave. Granite fits into so many different kitchen styles. A polished granite countertop can help your kitchen shine like never before. Let’s delve further into why polished granite countertops are so trendy. 

Polished Granite Countertops Offer Practicality

A polish will extend the lifespan of your granite kitchen countertops. The finish undergoes a sealing process that will eliminate the granite’s tiny pores. The less porous that material is, the least susceptible it is to moisture. The moisture expands natural stone and causes imperfection in a natural stone surface’s seaming over time. This truth is why we stress the importance of sealing natural stone countertops to keep them in pristine condition. After the sealing process, the polish meticulously goes on a granite countertop, with the shine buffed to perfection to ensure your granite countertop lasts for years. 

How Aesthetics Come Into Play 

Now that you know that a polished granite countertop is a practical choice regarding longevity let’s discuss aesthetics. Buffed natural stone removes layers so that there isn’t any fading over time. The point is that smoothing a natural stone countertop with a polish ensures that you see more of the stunning minerals and veins. Natural stone countertops, as opposed to quartz countertops, are unique due to their veining versus uniform appearance. The detail in the coloring, patterns, crystals is something that the polish brings out marvelously. You want to highlight every slab’s beauty. 

What to Consider if You Want Polished Granite Countertops

If you want a countertop with high gloss and you’d like to add a lot of visual interest, you should choose slabs with rich colors, varying swirls, and veins. Polished granite countertops are ideal for kitchens that need brightness. Remember that if you chose an elaborate countertop design, a polished finish would make its details more apparent. Therefore, you shouldn’t be hasty when you select your countertop. 

Lighting Considerations That Will Impact the Appearance of Your Countertop

  • Your Kitchen’s Lighting Overall
  • Under Cabinet Lighting
  • Overhead Lighting 
  • How much natural light comes into your kitchen 


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