3 Things to Consider When Choosing Your Kitchen Countertop Color

Choosing a Kitchen Countertop Color Rock Tops Fabrication

Here are three fail-proof factors to think about when choosing a kitchen countertop color.

Today we will talk about three things to consider when choosing your kitchen countertop color. Color plays a significant factor in the design of your home, and your countertops are no different. There is a science behind choosing color schemes as particular colors enhance an environment’s mood and ambiance. Every homeowner is unique, meaning that what one homeowner may find beautiful, another may not. Still, this content serves as a guide that all homeowners can follow. Here are three fail-proof factors to think about when choosing a kitchen countertop color. 

Use Surrounding Colors as a Guide for Your Kitchen Countertop Color

Look to your floors, walls, and cabinets to help you make the right decision. Go for a kitchen countertop color that complements these surrounding hues, or you can opt for matching your kitchen cabinets. Whatever color you pick, ensure that from floor to ceiling, your kitchen is cohesive and doesn’t have too stark of a contrast. 

Think About the Lighting in Your Home and How it Affects Your Kitchen Countertop Color

Lighting plays a significant yet overlooked role in the appearance of colors. Light can change the way that a surface looks. Some hues can look bright under natural light and take on a different look when you view them under artificial lighting. Use this to your advantage. If your kitchen is super bright due to a lot of natural light, you may consider a more neutral or subdued color for your countertop to bring harmony and balance. Is your kitchen dark and lacking natural light? Then, it may be best for you to opt for a warm, crisp, or bright color to bring life to where you cook and eat. 

Consider the Size of Your Kitchen

Colors can open up a small space or make a larger room appear smaller. If your kitchen is small, a lighter-colored kitchen countertop can make space appear ampler. If you schedule an appointment at our showroom, it will help if you bring a picture of your kitchen so that you’ll know how colors pair up and match. 

The Downfall of Picking the Wrong Color

Let’s say that you choose to have a kitchen island installed. A kitchen island serves as a focal point. It’s a place where families bond, eat or get work and homework done. With a kitchen island serving so many purposes, it means that you’re going to be looking at it often. You should choose a color that you love and enhances the entire space. Kitchens are household staples, so you want to be careful about how you design them. 

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