The Benefits of Granite and Marble Tub Decks

Granite and Marble Tub Decks Rock Tops Fabrication

You deserve a bathroom oasis, and granite or marble tub decks can help you achieve that!

You deserve a bathroom oasis. Granite or marble tub decks can help you get that much closer to achieving this. Here at Rock Tops Fabrication, we don’t only specialize in kitchen countertops. Our custom fabrication applies to bathrooms as well. Whether you desire a new and improved vanity or you’d like to enhance the appearance of your tub, we can help take your bathroom to the next level. Here are the benefits of granite and marble tub decks. 

What’s So Great About Granite Tub Decks?

Granite tub decks are low maintenance. Just as a granite countertop is durable and reliable, you can expect the same from a granite tub deck. You can look forward to enjoying a beautiful, grout-free tub deck. Also, if you already own a natural stone vanity, the continuity will help your bathroom have a cohesive and put-together look. 

What’s So Marvelous About Marble Tub Decks?

Marble is a material that requires more care and attention than granite. However, if you’re a homeowner that loves luxury, marble is indeed the best material for you. Marble brightens up even the smallest of bathrooms and comes in many different colors and patterns, just like granite. 

The Best Way to Check Out Which Material, Pattern, and Texture is Best for you

We offer appointment-only consultations. The benefit of visiting our showroom is that you can see our fabulous options up close and personal. It’s hard to envision how custom slabs will work in your home if you’re unable to see them in person. What may help is having a picture of your bathroom handy so that you can compare your bathroom’s size and architecture against our samples. We enforce that all employees wear masks, and no more than three people can show up to an appointment at any given time. 

The Benefit of Upgrading Your Bathroom in a Nutshell

When you own a home, it’s not a temporary milestone. Homeownership is a commitment. With that in mind, you should love the feel and look of every element of your home. Your bathroom should help you soak the stress away versus being the source of stress. You don’t shouldn’t nor have to be unhappy with your home, especially if you hire our custom fabricator installers. 


If you have questions regarding kitchen or bathroom countertop trends for 2020, Rock Tops Fabrication is here to answer them. Our trained professionals are here to make sure that your new kitchen is designed and finished in exactly the way you want it. We service Maryland, DC, and Virginia. Feel free to give us a call at 410-363-4257. For more information, tips, and tricks, and to see what we have been up to, be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, and Houzz.

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