A Quick Guide on Caring For Multiple Countertop Surfaces

Guide on Caring for Countertops Rock Tops Fabrication Inc

Today we’ll be offering a quick guide on caring for multiple countertop surfaces you may have about kitchen or bathroom countertops

Today we’ll be offering a quick guide on caring for multiple countertop surfaces. Picking the right countertop material takes a lot of consideration. Countertops often serve as focal points and stick around for a long time. It’s always ideal not to have buyers’ remorse. 

If Granite is Your Goal

Granite is a real contender because of its durability. With that in mind, you still want to take care of this dependable and reliable material. Here are a few tips:

  • Wipe up spills right away, especially oils acidic liquids and foods (e.g., tomato sauce, coffee, wine, fruit juice, and soda)
  • Try not to sit wet items on a granite countertop.
  • Avoid cleaning a granite countertop with dish soap
  • Cut food with a cutting board versus directly on a granite countertop
  • Make sure to use cleaners that are safe on granite
  • Seal a granite countertop once a year 

If Quartz is Your Choice Without Question

Quartz is very durable, but maybe even more so than natural stone materials because it’s non-porous. When a countertop surface is non-porous, it means that it’s less susceptible to bacteria and staining. However, this material is not the most heat-resistant surface, so you do indeed want to make sure to use trivets underneath hot pots. Cleaning maintenance for a quartz countertop is virtually the same as granite, but stains are easier to maintain.

If Marble is the Material That’s Made for You

Marble is perfect for a high-end home. If you want a stunning and elegant centerpiece in your home, and you’re willing to take care of it, then this could be an ideal selection. As with granite and quartz, you don’t want to put hot pots on a marble countertop or use a cleaner that isn’t made for natural stone. Here are some marble-specific recommendations:

  • Never let heavy objects fall onto a marble countertop
  • Put dirty dishes in the sink right or dishwasher away
  • Refrain from putting wet items onto a marble countertop
  • Pour juice and wine over a table versus a marble countertop
  • Seal a marble countertop every 3-6 months

If Recycled Glass Really Excites You

Recycled glass countertops are ideal for an Eco-friendly home. As with the other countertop surfaces mentioned, we don’t suggest that you put direct heat onto this surface. Here are other suggestions:

  • Use products that are free from chlorine bleach, ammonia, citric acid, or other acids. (in other words, no harsh chemicals)
  • Never let anything such as vinegar stick to a recycled glass countertop (or any countertop surface for that matter); discoloration happens.
  • If gum sticks to the surface of a recycled glass countertop, use minimal pressure to scrape the gum away at a 45-degree angle and then wipe the material up with a damp cloth

Do you need advice on which countertop surface is best for you? Then, reach out to us today! We can guide you through any questions or concerns you may have. 


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