Excellent Choices If You Have a Busy Kitchen

Countertops for a Busy Kitchen Rock Tops Fabrication

These excellent countertop choices are made for busy kitchens!

A lot can happen in a kitchen. It can get quite busy and house a lot of foot traffic. From cooking to using the kitchen island to get work done and children running around, a kitchen sees a lot of activity. If you have a busy kitchen, you still have access to excellent countertop choices. Your kitchen countertop should be tough enough to hold up to your bustling kitchen. Here are some of our top picks! 


Quartz has a lot of benefits. It replicates the look of stone but doesn’t need as much maintenance. We recommend rounded edges as a safe option if you have children that often bump into your countertop edges. Not only is this material stain-resistant, but you also don’t have to seal it. This selection also comes in a variety of colors. You really can’t lose with this option.


What’s not great about granite? Each slab of this natural stone is different and stands out undeniably. Granite can come in unique colors and rare veining, which makes it a real contender. Cuts and scratches are no match for granite kitchen countertops. Polished and matte finishes can resist most stains when you seal them properly (we recommend once a year). 

Recycled Glass

We offer Icestone and Vetrazzo recycled glass countertops. Recycled glass countertops are ideal for modern kitchens. Icestone and Vetrazzo are like quartz and granite in the sense that these options are durable, but they come in various color options. What’s even better is that if you want an Eco-friendly home, then choosing this option aids in that. 

Compact Surfaces

We define compact surfaces as completely new surfaces that we can fabricate by putting the raw materials found in porcelain, glass, and quartz under extreme pressure and heat. What this does is create an extremely durable material. It’s perfect for busy kitchens! We are the premier fabricator of Detkon and Neolith surfaces. Neolith is a natural material that’s resistant to UV rays and environmentally-friendly, just like recycled glass. Dekton is exceptionally resistant to UV rays as well and is the most scratch-resistant material available. Dekton is so durable that it’s even ideal for commercial applications. 

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