New Kitchen Countertop Preparations That You Can Make

new kitchen countertop

There are many benefits to having a new kitchen countertop installed.

Congratulations! You have decided that you want a new kitchen countertop. Make your old kitchen countertop has seen better days, or maybe you want a more modern look. Whatever your reasoning may be, there are many benefits to having a new kitchen countertop installed. Now, how do you get ready for a new kitchen countertop being installed in your home? Today we’ll be sharing some preparations that you’ll want to keep in mind. 

Think: Alternative Spaces and Eating Options

The kitchen is a commonly used area within a home. However, while the installation is going on, you may not be able to use your kitchen as much. Try ordering takeout versus cooking, and if the weather allows, putting your grilling skills to the test! You can also eat meals that don’t take up as much space. TV dinners, frozen pizzas, and canned soups are all excellent ideas, especially if you’re upgrading your kitchen island. Many homeowners also have a secondary space to serve their food, such as the dining room. Having dining room seating and a kitchen island extends the space in your home, but a dining room also serves as a backup during kitchen countertop installation. You can also prepare colder meals in advance. 

Remove Objects

Homeowners use their kitchen countertops to show off their decor and store their appliances and utensils. If you want to make the installation process much quicker, we suggest that you remove all surface-level utensils as well as coffee makers, microwave ovens, blenders, decorative plants, or any breakable items beforehand. During the installation process, you may find it helpful to have plastic utensils within your reach so that you don’t need to go inside your countertop drawers. 

How to Make the Installation Process Less Messy

Installing a new kitchen countertop is not necessarily the tidiest of jobs. An excellent way to make the job less messy is to identify the closest point of entry to your kitchen and let your contractor know where to park. It’s not uncommon for contractors to need to enter and exit the home a few times to grab tools and parts for different aspects of the installation process. If there is a designated area that a contractor can park to make their job less challenging (and keep your home tidier!), let them know. Don’t worry. We will use Ftarps to protect any areas between your kitchen countertop and the closest entry point. 

These are merely a few tips that can help you prepare for a new kitchen! For more detailed information, give us a call today. 


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