Granite: Why It’s an Excellent Kitchen Countertop Material

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Updating your kitchen countertops with granite will give your entire kitchen a unique look and feel.

Updating your kitchen countertops with granite will give your entire kitchen a unique look and feel. Granite is a popular choice and often the most sought-after kitchen countertop material for many reasons. Whether your goal is to modernize your kitchen or add some elegance to it, you can’t go wrong with granite. Here are four reasons why granite is an excellent kitchen countertop material. 

Granite is Hard to Chip and Scratch

Homeowners should understand that no countertop material is indestructible. You can damage them, and you should refrain from placing piping hot pots on your countertops or attempting to chop your granite countertop with meat cleavers. Still, granite is a no-brainer if you want a durable option because it can last for well over 20 years without you needing to do much besides sealing its surface. Many ancient and well-preserved artifacts have this material in their structures. 

A Relatively-Affordable Option

A countertop slab’s thickness is a significant determinant in the cost of a kitchen countertop installation. Nonetheless, if your budget is tight, you may want to consider this option. When you compare the installation price compared to how long a granite kitchen countertop can last, you’ll see that you’re saving money in the long run. 

This Material Provides a Unique Aesthetic

The beauty of opting for natural stone is that it can come in many seemingly similar tones, and yet, each one is unique. Slabs vary in lightness, darkness, veining, and patterns. With that in mind, your kitchen countertop can effortlessly blend in with your decor and while still serving as a focal point, especially if you decide to have our team install a kitchen island

Granite Increases Your Home’s Value

Homeowners rarely ever keep the model version of their home or keep things how the previous homeowner did. Every home calls for change. With that in mind, homeowners are always thinking of ways to add more value to their home while making it more appealing and functional. When you upgrade your countertops, it’s a small step in giving your kitchen a significant change. New countertops give any kitchen a new lease on life. From its durability to the many color and style options, it won’t take long for you to fall in love with this fantastic natural stone. Give us a call today! 


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