3 Reasons Why Soapstone May Suit Your Fancy

Soapstone Rock Tops Fabrication

Today we will highlight the advantages of soapstone

Today we will highlight the advantages of soapstone. Typically, we focus on granite, marble, and quartz surfaces. However, adding soapstone to your home has its benefits as well. It’s a natural quarried stone composed of the magnesium-rich mineral talc. It can handle heat and pressure without melting, making it a durable choice. Visit our showroom to see our stunning selection of soapstone. In the meantime, here is why this underrated material may suit your fancy. 

Soapstone is Soft but Dense 

This material is undeniably softer than its granite and marble countertops. You have to be gingerly with soapstone because it is susceptible to scratches. However, its density is what makes it durable. It’s stain and heat-resistant. That doesn’t mean that you should place hot pots on this surface. No countertop materials are indestructible. Handle each one with care. If you scratch a soapstone surface, it doesn’t require a sealant like granite or marble. Like quartz, this surface is nonporous. However, mineral oil can reduce the appearance of scratches. 

Excellent for Lovers of Gray 

Soapstone comes in many gray varieties. Gray is a popular countertop color because whether you’re remodeling a darker or lighter space, a gray countertop compliments both. Gray countertops paired with white cabinets serve as a uniquely neutral color palette. However, traditional wood tones pair well also. Soapstone countertops pair well with warmer or cooler color schemes. Soapstone also comes in other colors such as green, bluish-gray, black, and even white. 

Smooth to the Touch

This material gets its name from it being as smooth as soap. Soap has a light and airy texture, and so does this natural stone. You can also look forward to the fact that this surface does not harbor bacteria. Once again, it’s nonporous, and you won’t have to worry about germs seeping into its surface, which makes the cleanup process super convenient. The best way to decide which countertop material is the most valuable for your needs is to look at our stunning samples. You might be surprised to find all the colors, materials, and unique slabs that we can add to your home. 


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