4 Tips for Decorating Your Kitchen Island During Spring

4 Tips for Decorating Your Kitchen Island During Spring

Bring life to your kitchen and dining room area with these four tips for decorating your kitchen island for spring.

Spring is here, but that means more than partaking in spring cleaning. People switch out their curtains and comforters for lighter, airier fabrics in spring. Homeowners also change their wreaths and decorate their homes to mirror the new season. If you’re looking for new ways to bring life to your kitchen and dining room area, here are four tips for decorating your kitchen island and countertops during spring. 

Add Greenery to Your Kitchen Island, Counters, and Dining Room Table 

You can choose natural or artificial plants and place them in a vase, basket, or pot. Authentic plants and flowers will boost your mood and purify the air. Tulips are an excellent choice because they come in pink, lilac, and salmon, all spring colors. You could also go for classic white tulips. However, some people don’t have a green thumb or the time to tend to plants. In this case, artificial plants can still beautify any space, whether it’s your kitchen or bathroom. 

Are you looking for a unique idea for Easter? You can fill a vase with artificial mini cherry blossoms and pink baby eggs. Feel free to use pink glasses to add the spring/floral theme. Incorporating golden bunnies into this concept is the icing on the cake. Moreover, adding these neat, decorative touches won’t break the bank. 

Consider a Fresh Fruit Centerpiece 

A fresh fruit centerpiece not only promotes healthy eating. However, it adds a pop of color to your kitchen. If you don’t like bright decor or kitchen countertops, then a fruit centerpiece is a subtle way to add color. Instead of bowls, try glass hurricane vases and a stylish yet practical metallic tray for serving. You can also vary the sizes of the vases for visual interest. What fruit should you pick? Citrus fruits look vibrant, fresh, and reminiscent of warm weather, but any seasonal fruit works. 

Create a Dining Tablescape for Two 

The weather is warming up, meaning that people will spend a lot of time outside, which includes dining. However, when you and your significant other or spouse stay in, you can set spring-themed settings for a casual dinner on your kitchen island instead of eating at the dining room table. Add candles and fresh roses in a vase to create a romantic ambiance. What scents are worth considering? Lavender, rose, jasmine, cherry blossom, berries of any sort, lemon, vanilla, and anything that smells like fresh linen all say “spring.” 

Decorate Your Kitchen for a Tea Party or Afternoon Gathering

Are you a tea lover? Or do you merely want to host a fun morning or afternoon gathering? If so, use a runner to place tiered trays filled with delicious muffins and berries on your kitchen island. Also, we suggest layering the runner with fresh or faux flowers (or both!) and adding various tea or coffee mugs, glasses, and candles. Once again, if you want an Easter theme, adding bunnies into the mix is a fun idea. 

We hope that you’ve enjoyed these kitchen island decorating tips. Contact Rock Tops Fabrication to add a new kitchen island or countertops to your home. 


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