All the Things You Should Know About Dekton Countertops

All the Things You Should Know About Dekton Countertops

Today we’ll explain Dekton countertops from many angles so you can see if it’s a suitable material for you.

You often hear a lot of talk about granite, marble, and quartz surfaces. However, there are other contenders to consider. Dekton is the seemingly indestructible, scorch, stain, and stain-proof surface that the home remodeling and custom fabrication industry doesn’t discuss enough. Today we’ll explain Dekton countertops from many angles so you can see if it’s a suitable material for you. 

Dekton: What is It? 

Dekton is a sintered stone known as a “compact surface” in the countertop installation industry. Dekton comprises the same raw materials fabricating glass, quartz, and porcelain countertops. However, it’s different from these three materials because you have to mix the raw materials under extreme pressure and heat. The result is a virtually indestructible, low-maintenance countertop. 

Are Dekton Countertops and Neolith Countertops the Same?

Neolith is also a compact surface made of the same materials as Dekton. Their performance is also relatively the same. However, Neolith is a different brand. 

The Benefits of Dekton

Dekton stands up well to the competition. Here are the benefits of Dekton. 


Dekton countertops are an excellent choice because they’re durable. They can handle impact, whether you chop vegetables or place a hot pot on them. Dekton is even stronger than granite, with the benefit of you not needing to stain it. 


Remember that creating Dekton takes a lot of heat and pressure. Many durable countertop materials are heat-resistant. However, Dekton countertops are heat-proof. Dekton countertops can withstand the highest temperatures. Therefore, if you accidentally spill something hot on a Dekton countertop, you won’t have to worry about damage. 

Large Slab Sizes 

Thick countertop slabs have consistently trended. The larger the slab, the more likely it can cover the entirety of your countertop seamlessly, resulting in a sleeker and cleaner look. 

Excellent for Indoor and Outdoor Applications

You can use Dekton to install outdoor countertops, even in freezing temperatures. Dekton countertops won’t crack or freeze. Also, remember that they can withstand the hottest temperatures. Moreover, Dekton is UV-resistant, meaning its color won’t fade in the sun, even with constant sun exposure. 

What Colors and Patterns Does Dekton Offer?

Dekton comes in tens of colors. The overall palette can be earthy, metallic, or neutral to complement and blend smoothly into your current kitchen design. Dekton offers more subdued colors and is the right choice if you don’t like bright colors. Whether you want solid colors, grainy patterns, or veining that appears like white marble, Dekton has a range of colors. 

What is the Cost?

It is better to get a free estimate when it comes to installation costs and the costs of the material itself. Many factors impact how much your new countertop or fabricated surface will cost (Dekton is excellent for flooring too). Ultimately, the aspects that affect the cost are: 

  • The number of cuts and holes you need (applicable to sinks and faucets)
  • If you want a seamless slab (they tend to cost more) 
  • The color or pattern
  • The slab thickness 
  • If your installer has to tear out existing countertops 

How to Clean Dekton Countertops

Use a natural cleaner or natural stone cleaner if you don’t want your Dekton countertop to have a dull film on the surface comparable to soap scum in the shower. If you want a glossy countertop, a hard-surface spray cleaner will do the trick. 


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