How to Decorate Quartz, Marble, and Granite Countertops for the Holidays

How to Decorate Quartz, Marble, and Granite Countertops for the Holidays

Decorating your kitchen will add holiday cheer to your home. Check out these ideas for decorating quartz, marble, and granite countertops.

The holiday season is here! Decorating your kitchen countertops can help your guests and family get into the holiday spirit. People often view countertops as a place to meal prep or a kitchen island as a space to get work done. However, decorating these spaces will undeniably add some holiday cheer to the atmosphere. Quartz, marble, and granite countertops are all excellent options for different reasons. Quartz countertops offer a consistent aesthetic that gives any kitchen a cohesive appearance. Marble is elegant and adds luxury to any kitchen. Granite countertops provide unique veining, and you can look forward to no slab looking the same. High-quality quartz, marble, and granite countertops installed by us will transform your kitchen. Then, adding holiday decorations will make your kitchen even more stunning. Check out these fun ideas for decorating quartz, marble, and granite countertops. 

Glass Ornaments

People are now into nostalgic items. Holiday-themed glass ornaments are back in style. Etsy is known for its vintage decorations and features many hand-made glass ornaments. You can always check garage sales and places like Goodwill if these options are too expensive. 

If you’re crafty, you can also attempt to make colored glass balls and place them inside a large apothecary jar with a cover. You can switch out the ornament colors for each holiday to fit the theme. 

For Turkey Day, you can try orange ornaments. For Christmas, you should consider green and red decorations. It’s also beneficial that this is a small and portable decoration, meaning that you can set the jar aside whenever you need the space for something else. 

Artificial, Long Branches in Tall Vases

A tall glass vase will always be a stunning centerpiece or vocal point for kitchen islands. You also don’t have to worry about watering these branches, they won’t be messy, and you can add some rocks to the vase. 

The rocks add a lovely contrast to the branches and glass. However, they also keep the glass from shifting and tipping. What type of branches do we suggest? 

Go for branches that resemble white birch. You can add anything to these branches, such as lights, ribbons, lace, or even tinsel. You’ll appreciate having this dramatic visual appeal added to your kitchen even after the holidays. 

Wreath Candleholders 

When you think about a wreath, the first thing that comes to mind might be the front door or a mantelpiece. However, did you know that you can place wreaths on a flat surface to make quartz, marble, and granite countertops warmer and more inviting?

You can use a small wreath (no more than ten inches in diameter) as a decorative candleholder. Hurricane glass candleholders usually fit snugly in the center. 

We suggest placing a pillar inside or filling it with clear, tinted water so you can put floating candles around it instead. In both scenarios, you should select candles that match the color accents of the wreath for a festive holiday look. 

You can also add decorative plant decorations and lights to your decorating efforts. Sometimes it’s the tiniest touches that make a big difference. Contact Rock Tops Fabrication today if you want to learn about the various countertop materials that we offer. 


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