3 Reasons to Add Marble to Your Kitchen Remodel

3 Reasons to Add Marble to Your Kitchen Remodel

Let’s dive into three misconceptions about marble that are reasons that you should add marble to your kitchen remodel project.

There was a time when you couldn’t look at a kitchen remodel project and not see marble added somewhere, most often the countertops. It was the height of style, sophistication, and elegance. As time went on, it lost a little of its snottiness as it gained popularity, but the result is that an amazing and beautiful material is more readily available than ever. Marble remains one of the most popular choices for countertops for good reason. Let’s dive into three misconceptions about marble that are actually reasons that you should add marble to your kitchen remodel project. 

Etching And Scratching Are Not A Big Issue

Misconception: Marble will become etched and scratched quickly. This is a misconception in two ways. First, the overtime etching of marble is not something that happens quickly, though it does happen. However, that etching is part of the marble lifecycle and only adds to the beauty of this natural stone. Additionally, if you are careful with your marble (using trivets to keep highly abrasive materials off the surface, for instance), any small scratches that occur should fade into the natural design of the stone.

Maintenance Is Easy In Small Steps

Misconception: Marble is tremendously difficult to take care of. Most high-end materials do require at least some maintenance and marble is no different. In the height of its early popularity, some people came to dislike marble because it seemed like the task of maintaining it was too big. This isn’t true if you do the maintenance in small pieces, however. Marble is a porous surface and needs to be sealed to keep liquids from seeping in and staining it. However, if you do the work of sealing it every year (have a professional do it for best results), the rest of the maintenance (simply cleaning it as needed) that marble needs becomes super easy. 

It’s Not Exorbitantly Expensive

Misconception: Marble is so expensive that I could never fit it into my remodeling budget. While this perception may once have been true, it certainly is not anymore. Marble backsplashes or countertops can fit into almost any budget since there are so many options available on the market today. You also don’t have to choose marble for the entire project. You can add it as an accent piece or as a part of an island or countertop and then finish the rest with another, different but complementary material.


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