Maintaining Your Marble Countertops By Cleaning

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Harsh cleaning products used for other countertop materials should be avoided as they could tarnish the marble and cause it to deteriorate.

With marble countertops in your kitchen or bathroom, there is no need to go over the top with decor; the material itself brings a room aesthetic to life with its naturally colorful and exquisite look. Marble is an incredibly luxurious and beautiful material but especially on countertops.  However, just as a luxurious material such as marble comes with great value, there also comes the great responsibility of maintaining its quality. We know that everyday duties such as cooking and simply sitting heavy-duty items on your countertops are inevitable. However, something as simple as a great cleaning technique can help maintain the luxurious quality of marble.

Thoroughly Cleaning Your Marble Countertops

No matter the material of your countertops, they should be thoroughly cleaned and wiped down after each use, especially marble material because it is a natural stone. Lingering food and bacteria are not only gross but can leave spots on your marble countertops that are difficult to get rid of.

Kitchen countertops should be cleaned and wiped down properly after each use or as needed with a formula as gentle as soap and water. Bathroom countertops may not need to be wiped down as often, but as needed. Harsh cleaning products used for other countertop materials should be avoided as it could tarnish the marble and cause it to deteriorate.

In some cases, spot cleaning is a good option if your entire countertop does not need to be cleaned; like if you have an accidental spill in one area. To properly clean your countertops as mentioned, you’ll need a clean cloth and an appropriate cleanser. The best cleanser for your countertops is one specifically made for marble stone. Other surface cleaners are also an option if they do not contain harsh chemicals. Instead of cleansers packed with harmful chemicals that could damage your countertops, opt for plant-based cleaners or simply use soap and water.

To clean your countertops, follow these four simple steps:

Step 1: Wipe the surface with a clean dry cloth to get rid of any lingering remnants of food, crumbs, dust, etc. (microfiber is best as it is most gentle and soft)

Step 2: Apply your cleaning solution using a spray bottle (this is the best way to ensure the entire surface is getting covered)

Step 3: Using a cloth, wipe the entire surface in a consistent motion and be sure to scrub harder in areas as needed.

Step 4: Using a cloth, wipe completely dry.




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