4 Ways to Use Bathroom Marble

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How can you use bathroom marble? Let us show you!

Want to bring a luxe feel to your favorite room? Bathroom marble features are the perfect way to do it! This sleek material with its luxury feel adds a touch of chic elegance to any style of bathroom.

Curious about what you can do with it? Check out four ways to use bathroom marble here.

A Custom Marble Sink

The sink can make a nice focal point in your bathroom — especially when you install a custom marble sink that demands attention!

Embed the basin in a full slab for a super sleek look. Or place a freestanding basin on top in a contrasting color with the countertop. Marble sinks can be shaped virtually however you want so you can customize your sink how you like. 

Shower Walls

A marble accent wall in the shower takes your showers to the next level. You’ll feel like every day is a spa day as you step into this elegant space. 

Choose a piece with a strong vein pattern for the most stunning effect. You can use marble on only one wall and pair it with another material. Or you can surround yourself with the sleek material every time you enjoy a shower.

Finish it off with a honed marble finish to complete the elegant look.

Marble Countertops

Why not go full elegance with bathroom marble countertops? A beautiful slab of marble covering your bathroom counters is sure to attract attention. 

Keeping your marble countertops clean is as simple as wiping them down with a soft cloth and gentle cleaning solution. When cared for properly, the natural stone will retain its sophisticated gleam for years. 

Contrast Light and Dark Marble

When many people think of using marble in their bathroom, their thoughts go to a simple white color scheme. This, of course, is stunning in its own right, but a little contrast adds some gorgeous interest to the design. 

Marble comes in various colors and the veining patterns can be subtle or bold. Consider black marble creating a strong contrast with strong white veins. Or mix and match with a white marble countertop and a black marble basin or vice versa. 

There’s a lot you can do so don’t hesitate to get creative. You’ll thank yourself every time you step into your gorgeous marble bathroom!


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