Soapstone Countertops: How to Care For Yours

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Applying mineral oil to your soapstone countertops enhances the natural aging process in this beautiful material.

Soapstone countertops are incredibly durable and can withstand an array of accidents that may happen in your kitchen. When choosing a material for your countertops, it’s essential to consider the amount of upkeep it will require. Aside from its durability, one of the best features of these countertops is their low maintenance. If you have soapstone countertops or are considering soapstone for your new countertops, this small guide will be sure to assist you in maintaining their beautiful quality.




Soapstone’s non-porous material makes it incredibly resistant to heat, acid, chemicals, and bacteria that may usually damage other materials. So, there’s no need to reach for heavy-duty chemicals for these countertops. All you’ll need to clean soapstone is a sponge and soapy water. Dish liquid is very effective at removing any food residue, spills, and bacteria, while oil can remove any blemishes, you wish to get rid of.


Mineral Oil


Applying mineral oil to your soapstone countertops enhances the natural aging process in this beautiful material. It helps to maintain the countertop’s exquisite quality throughout its lifespan because it helps to increase the oxidation of the stone itself. If you are getting your countertops newly installed, apply a generous coat of mineral oil to your countertops twenty-four hours after installation. Wipe off any excess oil with a new rag or paper towel. Typically, with other countertops, you would allow the oil to settle. However, soapstone material is non-porous, so there is no need to allow it to sit.  


Does Brand Matter?


As far as mineral oil brands go, there is no particular kind you need to buy. Mineral oil is non-toxic and available at almost any drug store, pharmacy, and Amazon.


How Often to Apply


Soapstone countertops should be oiled weekly for the first few months after installation. After the first few months, how frequently you oil your countertops depends on how often you use your kitchen and how often you clean your countertops. If you are someone who cooks every day, the mineral oil will likely come off often. How frequently you decide to oil the countertops also depends on how dark you would like them to appear. The darker you prefer your countertops, the more often you should oil them.




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