How to Use Natural Stone Surfaces Throughout Your Home

How to Use Natural Stone Surfaces Throughout Your Home

If you’re looking for some suggestions on how to incorporate natural stone surfaces into your home, you’ve come to the right place!

If you’re in the midst of a remodeling project, you know just how long the list of decisions that you have to make is, right up until the finishing touches. One of the most popular trends today is the addition of natural materials to round out a space. Sure, most building projects use wood for beams or studs, but many homeowners these days also want those natural materials out where they can be seen. This often takes the form of using live-edge wood pieces as tables or counters or using natural stone surfaces in various ways throughout the home. If you’re looking for some suggestions on how to incorporate natural stone surfaces into your home, you’ve come to the right place! 


Perhaps the most commonly thought of use for natural stone in a house is the countertops. Certainly all of the countertops in your kitchen could be stone. Stone countertops are beautiful and durable. But natural stone countertops don’t need to be limited to the kitchen. You could also use natural stone for the counters in your bathroom (using the same material throughout the home can actually draw all the rooms together and make it feel cohesive) and even in your outdoor living areas. Natural stone countertops offer many benefits and make for an eye-catching piece in almost any room. 


Backsplashes are another great way to incorporate natural stone into multiple rooms. The kitchen is an obvious choice for a backsplash, but you could also have one anywhere you have a sink. This means that behind your sinks in the bathrooms, in your outdoor kitchen, and even behind the stationary tub (depending on how it is installed), you could include beautiful natural stone. In your bathrooms, consider also using natural stone in your bath surround to tie the room together.


Mantles are another good choice for natural stone. If you have a fireplace, consider upgrading the hearth and mantle to include natural stone (if it needs a complete update, you can even use natural stone on the entire exterior of the fire place).


Bar tops are another good place to use natural stone. If you have a bar inside your home, consider replacing the top with a natural stone one. A natural stone top will also work well and look amazing on a deck bar.


Finally, natural stone is an amazing material for table tops too. You won’t find many pre-fabricated tables made from natural stone, but if you’re getting custom work done, it should be an available option. 


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