3 Products That You Shouldn’t Use on Granite Countertops

3 Products That You Shouldn’t Use on Granite Countertops

Not all cleaning products are created equal when it comes to granite. Read on to see what not to use on your natural stone countertops.

If you’ve never owned granite or natural stone countertops, you might be used to cleaning with whatever products you have. Some people use natural cleaning solutions such as white distilled vinegar and baking soda. Some individuals might also use Mr. Clean, Fabuloso, or bleach to clean their homes. However, regarding granite, not every product out there is safe on natural stone. Granite and other natural stones are vulnerable to damage caused by specific cleaning products homeowners commonly use. Here are three products that you shouldn’t use on granite countertops. 

What Not to Use to Clean Granite Countertops 

The list of materials you shouldn’t use on granite countertops can be extremely long. In simple terms, you shouldn’t use natural, engineered, or homemade products that aren’t PH neutral. If the product is acidic or uses alkaline such as lemon or citric acid, the product isn’t the best to use. 

Here are other products to avoid

  • Bleach: Bleach is an excellent disinfectant. However, it can dull your granite’s finish. In some cases, bleach can even change the color of your granite. Therefore, you’ll want to find safe ways to disinfect your granite, which we will discuss later. 
  • Glass Cleaner: Glass cleaner might seem like a brilliant idea to give your granite countertop a glossy shine. Glass cleaners can remove things such as fingerprints while leaving a streak-free shine. However, like bleach, it can dull the finish of your granite countertop, specifically in a way that makes your counter look uneven and patchy. 
  • Formula 409: Formula 409 is an ideal cleaner to use when you want to disinfect the bathroom, remove soap scum, and give porcelain and ceramics a bright shine. However, 409 contains many substances that can damage granite countertops. Even if you have granite in your bathroom, it’s best to avoid using traditional bathroom cleaners when it’s time to clean your granite

Why Avoid These Three Products 

If you already have these products in your home, it might be convenient to use them, especially when you won’t notice the damage immediately. However, even one use of any acidic or alkaline substances can do uncorrectable harm to the surface. 

Etching is when acidic and alkaline remove the stone’s weaker particles at the surface. When the weaker particles of stones are no longer present, you’ll notice a dull spot where they used to be. Etching can even happen on honed stone surfaces but is most noticeable on a polished or glossy finish. 

The only way to repair an etched countertop is to have it ground down and refinished, which is expensive and inconvenient. However, etching is avoidable if you use the right cleaning products on your granite countertops and keep your natural stone sealed

How to Care for Granite Countertops 

One way to clean granite countertops is to use a microfiber cloth, water, and dish soap, ensuring that you let the countertop dry thoroughly. You can use a granite-safe cleaner if you want to sanitize your granite. 

While you shouldn’t use standard 409 on your granite countertop, there is a 409 cleaner made to clean stone and steel. Method daily granite cleaner also isn’t abrasive. Another tip is to seal your granite at least once a year and clean up spills sooner rather than later. 

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