Granite Countertops: Things You Should Avoid

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Different acidic substances should be avoided from contacting your granite countertops directly.

For the most part, granite countertops are often the most desired material to use throughout the home. In fact, granite has continued to make its mark in home renovations and remodeling projects everywhere. The reality is, that granite tends to be considered one of the toughest and most durable materials to use for your countertops and comes with a slew of amazing benefits. Ultimately, despite being quite tough and durable, granite needs some proper maintenance to keep it looking fresh and clean for many years to come. Here are some essential things that homeowners will need to know about granite countertops and specifically what to avoid.

Raw Meat And Granite Countertops

Despite properly sealing your countertops, raw meat tends to make a huge mess when used directly on the granite surface itself. In fact, the biggest concern with raw meat and granite countertops involves bacteria that could easily become a problem when used improperly or ineffectively. The reality is, you’ll want to avoid placing raw meat directly on your granite to make sure that you keep your countertops safe and clean overall. Ultimately, the meat itself won’t actually hurt the granite, but what is left behind will likely lead to bacteria that could hurt you if it gets into your other food. 

Acidic Foods And Materials On Granite

Another thing you’ll want to avoid making direct contact with your countertops includes anything acidic. In fact, acidic materials tend to etch the surface of your countertops which typically leads to the granite being a lot quicker to stain. The reality is, from vinegar to citrus fruits, there are many different acidic substances that should be avoided from making direct contact with your kitchen countertops. Ultimately, if you have granite in either your bathroom or kitchen or both, removing any perfume and soap from actually making direct contact with those countertops are the best approach to take to keep your granite surface safe and clean for many years to come.

Letting Stains And Spills Sit

The biggest thing you’ll want to avoid is letting any spills or stains sit — as opposed to cleaning them up immediately. In fact, when spills are not cleaned up immediately, you’ll likely get stains that’ll be impossible to remove from your countertops. 


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