Slate Stone Countertop Care

Slate Stone Countertop Care

Slate stone makes for a fantastic choice for your countertops. Read on for proper cleaning techniques to preserve its unique quality.

Slate stone and its beautiful, non-porous, heat resistant nature makes for an amazing choice for your countertops. Though not found in many kitchens, it is still a great option for many homeowners. Since slate stone is non-porous, maintenance is a bit different in comparison to other porous stones like marble and granite. However, proper cleaning techniques are still necessary to preserve its unique quality.

Make Use of a Microfiber Cloth

Using a microfiber cloth at least once or twice a week will reduce dust and surface grit caused by everyday use. Along with using a stone cleaner that is ph-neutral which will help to resist water spots caused by lingering droplets or tiny puddles of water. Allowing the cloth to sit on top of any stains for about ten minutes with a gentle but tough cleanser will help to lift it. However, some tough scrubbing may be necessary to get rid of deeper, tougher stains.

What to Avoid

Much like other materials, using the wrong product can damage your slate stone countertops over time or sometimes, immediately. Sprays that are made of mostly oils, abrasive cleansers, and products with acidic ingredients like lemon and vinegar should be avoided when cleaning your countertops. Waxy cleansers should also be avoided. When placing a hot pan or object on top of your countertops, the wax could melt and result in damage to the slate stone.

Sealing Your Countertops

We recommend sealing your countertops immediately after installation. Sealing your countertops protects them from any potential damage that lingering droplets of liquid, residue, scratching, staining or heated appliances may cause. If you’re unsure of whether the sealer has worn off or not, try testing it with a few droplets of water. Once you apply a few droplets and the water does not form into beads, it’s time to reseal your countertops.

How to:

After cleaning and drying your countertops, apply your sealer to a clean cloth. Once on the cloth, evenly coat your countertops with the product and allow it to sit alone for 24 hours. You can also apply the sealer directly to the countertops and use the cloth to spread it. Just be sure to evenly coat your countertops to ensure the entire surface is being sealed.


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