3 Factors to Consider Before Choosing Natural Stone

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Consider these three factors before selecting your natural stone material.

Natural stone will forever be a popular choice for residential kitchens, bathrooms, and commercial spaces. Natural stone is a win-win because it can be both lavish and long-lasting. Its unique veining and patterns are visually appealing. In addition, an option such as granite is highly durable. When you decide that you want a natural stone enhancement in your home, take your time. Countertops and fireplace surround come in various colors and design options. Therefore, you want to ensure you have the best fit. Here are factors to consider before choosing a natural stone surface. 

Consider Your Lifestyle When Choosing Natural Stone

Granite is an excellent place to start when you visit our stunning showroom. It offers much versatility and is a perfect option if you have small children in the home or prepare meals that can easily stain a countertop. A mid to dark color always ensures that a countertop surface looks its best, even when prone to stains and spills. If white marble is your preferred option, yet you fear stains and spills, quartz is a more durable alternative that offers colors that replicate marble’s sophistication. 

Think About the Maintenance 

Every surface in a home requires some maintenance. Just as you have to clean the floors in your home, it takes some upkeep to keep a countertop surface as pristine as possible. Natural stone countertops are not indestructible. Therefore, you should match the material to the level of commitment you’re willing to invest in maintenance. Mild soap cleans most stone surfaces. Also, occasional sealing preserves these surfaces. However, marble requires more maintenance. If you don’t prefer sealing a countertop surface, we suggest you explore our quartz or soapstone options. 

Choose a Finish 

Many homeowners love to see their countertop shine. Polished countertops are more trendy. However, if a more rustic option suits your tastes, a honed or matte countertop is better. We also offer an antique finish with a brushed, soft, and textured look. In addition, we provide a leathered selection most ideal for finishing granite. This choice closes the stone’s pores to ensure that it hides water spots and fingerprints and is more stain-resistant than a honed surface. 


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