Slate Countertops for Your Kitchen

Slate Countertops for Your Kitchen

Slate can bring a unique touch to your kitchen. Have you ever considered slate countertops for your kitchen?

Have you ever considered slate countertops for your kitchen? With so many choices of stone available for countertops, it can be hard to decide on a material that would best fulfill your desires. Stone in general is a popular choice for countertops and each material has many different benefits. Slate brings a unique touch to your kitchen and today we’ll dive into all the many ways in which it does.

Slate Countertops: What Are They?

Slate is a metamorphic stone composed of many different minerals. Metamorphism describes the process of the many different movements that occur within the earth’s depths. Stones that are created during this process are used when creating slate countertops.

What Are Slate Countertops Like?

Slate countertops are typically seen in black, deep shades of gray, charcoal, brown, and pewter, and sometimes are found with green, blue, or red highlights within those colors. While marble and granite are more diverse in color, the coloring in slate is much more subtle. They have excellent durability and clean up very easily compared to other countertops and due to their non-porous nature, it does not harbor bacteria. These countertops have a rich and smooth texture and can be described as rustic.

What Colors Options Are Available for Slate?

Slate is a natural stone, so it is almost always found in neutral tones such as white, brown, black, gray, and blue, and their many different hues though mostly their darker shades. Depending on the land that slate stone originates from, the minerals may affect their pigmentation creating unusual colors like purple, red, green, or even gold. Some types of slate stone even tend to fade over time resulting in a different hue from its original color.

How Would I Clean Slate Stone?

One of the many great qualities of slate stone is its non-porous nature. Since this stone is non-porous, this eliminates the likelihood of things like chemicals and spills seeping inside the stone resulting in a ruin of the material. To clean slate stone, simply use a microfiber cloth to wipe the surface clean to remove any grit or dust. It is important to avoid any harsh chemical-filled cleaning materials that could damage the quality of the stone.


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