Honed vs. Polished Kitchen Countertops

Honed vs. Polished Kitchen Countertops

Deciding between a honed or polished finish for your countertop can make all the difference. Learn more so you can best decide for yourself.

If you’ve even just dreamed about updating or renovating your kitchen, you know that there are a lot of decisions that have to be made. From the floors to the ceiling, the walls and cabinets to the drawers and door handle, you have to decide how you want it all to go together. The countertops are often a part of the kitchen that gets a lot of attention. In fact, if you ever watch home improvement or house flipping shows, they always comment on what they replace the countertops with (hint: they’re usually highlighting that it is a natural stone, like granite). But it isn’t just about the material of the countertops. You also have to decide on the finish. When you choose a countertop like granite, you have to decide between a honed or polished finish. What’s the difference and which is better? Let’s learn more so that you can decide for yourself. 

What Does Honed Mean?

When granite has a honed finish, it means that the appearance of the surface is more matte. This is achieved by halting the polishing or finishing process before the surface starts to turn shiny. Honed granite will not ever have a shiny or shimmery appearance. 

What Does Polished Mean?

Polished granite, on the other hand, is more fully finished. It is polished until it shines. The surface of polished granite is shiny, glossy, and reflective. For many people, polished granite looks like a more complete and finished product because it has more done to it during production.

What Is The Difference?

The major difference is in how they look, polished granite is shiny and glossy while honed granite is matte and more subdued. This extends to the feeling that it gives the whole room. Polished granite tends to have a more sophisticated feel, while honed has a more industrial feel. Polished feels more refined, while honed feels more down-to-earth. Polished granite countertops pair well with glossy cabinets and shiny, stainless steel appliances. Honed granite would be more in line with flat, earth-tone cabinets and a relaxed aesthetic. 

What Is The Same?

In either case, the granite is going to need to be sealed and maintained. Having polished granite does not free you from the responsibility of caring for your stone countertops, and the polished finish is not a substitute for the necessary work of sealing and maintaining. 


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