Outdoor Kitchen Countertops: Why Granite is Best

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Granite countertops are durable enough to withstand the effects of various weather conditions.

When it comes to an outdoor kitchen, there are so many reasons why investing in granite countertops can be one of the best decisions you make. Outdoor entertaining is becoming increasingly popular among homeowners everywhere. When homeowners spend a lot of their time preparing food, they’ll need to make sure that the kitchen countertops are practical and efficient to handle all that work. Ultimately, for outdoor kitchens, granite countertops are one of the best materials to incorporate into your outdoor entertaining area. Here are some key reasons why granite is typically the best material choice for your outdoor kitchen.

 Outdoor Kitchen Countertops: Granite Material and Weather

One of the critical elements of granite countertops is their incredible ability to withstand various weather conditions. Every natural stone is porous — but granite is the least permeable of them all. The reality is, your granite countertops typically are slabbed by a manufacturer — which means your granite is sealed using a specific process that tends to penetrate into those porous openings of the stone itself. Ultimately, once the liquid fully cures, it effectively seals the granite which efficiently prevents moisture from gaining access to the granite — allowing your granite to handle any moisture that might come your way. 

Not Easy To Chip Or Crack 

Fortunately, granite is so durable and tough that it tends to be incredibly hard to crack or chip it. In fact, granite is such a tough material that it can be incredibly beneficial for outdoor kitchens where a lot of prep is being handled when it comes to meals and entertaining. The reality is, having granite throughout your outdoor kitchen can really do wonders towards your overall enjoyment of the area throughout the seasons. Ultimately, outdoor kitchens typically are exposed to a wide array of weather conditions — making granite the top choice of countertop material to ensure your outdoor kitchen is safe throughout the year.

Withstanding Exposure To Heat

Another excellent reason granite tends to be the most desirable material for your outdoor kitchen has to do with its unique ability to withstand a high level of heat. In fact, with outdoor kitchens being a clear space for people to cook up a storm, it becomes increasingly important to find materials that can withstand these high temperatures — which is why granite traditionally is the most preferred material for your outdoor kitchen. 


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