5 Reasons to Install a Natural Stone Fireplace Surround

rock tops fabrication natural stone fireplace surround

Learn why a natural stone fireplace surround is a worthwhile investment.

The fireplace is the heart of your home. In fall and winter, it can become an even more central point of your home and a source of comfort. If you want to create a beautiful fireplace and draw attention to this centerpiece of your home, installing a natural stone fireplace surround can do just that. Contact Rock Tops Fabrication today when you are ready to find the best natural stone for your home. Why do we love natural stone fireplaces? Read on to discover their advantages.

Natural Stone is Visually Appealing

Natural stone is always distinct and elegant. Because it comes from nature, it possesses much richer tones and hues than artificial materials. Natural stone can also work well with any home design, whether modern or classical. 

Customize Your Fireplace Surround

Marble, limestone, granite, and more are all popular materials for fireplaces. As stone slabs, they can be fabricated to fit any size or shape so you can create a truly custom natural stone fireplace surround. 

Natural Stone is Durable

Stone fireplace materials can comfortably absorb and radiate heat without being damaged. Natural stone is also incredibly durable and scratch resistant so that it can withstand everyday use. When you don’t have to worry about cracks or chips forming on your fireplace, you can trust that your fireplace will last for many years. Natural stone is a classic design, so it will never go out of style. 

Little Maintenance Required

Your natural stone fireplace surround requires little maintenance to continue to look its best. In some cases, just a light dusting or wiping with water and a mild detergent is enough. Some stones, like marble or granite, may require sealing every few years. 

Increase Your Home’s Value

Natural stone is an investment for the future in many ways. For instance, it will increase your home’s property value and deliver a great return on investment if you decide to sell your house in the future. Due to natural stone’s longevity and low chance of being replaced, it is a unique investment any homeowner should consider. 


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