How Natural Stone Enhances a Shower

How Natural Stone Enhances a Shower

Beautiful stonework is a captivating and unique way to decorate the bathroom. Here are some ways natural stone enhances a shower.

For good reasons, most people hone in on the kitchen and bathroom when watching home remodeling shows. There are various unique ways to decorate bathrooms and kitchens. Beautiful stonework, in particular, is captivating. However, natural stone isn’t only for countertops. Many people add natural stone to their tub decks and shower tiles because of its aesthetic charm. However, there are also practical reasons to add natural stone to residential bathrooms. Here are a few ways natural stone enhances a shower. 

Energy Efficiency 

Stone is better than ceramic tile because stone retains heat exceptionally well, unlike ceramic. Stone tub surrounds make drafty mornings more bearable while absorbing cool, conditioned air during the summer. 

Various Design Options

You can pick different stone materials while choosing distinctive patterns, colors, and shades. You have many choices, from granite with flecks of gold to deep, black streaks. We recommend that you visit our showroom to see the attractive options you have for yourself. 

There aren’t many limits to designing a one-of-a-kind shower. Regarding tiles, you can pick wider and uniform tiles to naturalistic tiles with varied shapes. Mosaic patterns are also another option. 

Added Home Value

Adding natural stone to any home in any capacity adds value. Prospective home buyers are looking for beautifully decorated and designed homes where it doesn’t take much effort to enhance the home. Your home will have a leg up that many homes might not have. While the initial investment of a stone shower is higher, you can expect a high return on investment because natural stone is durable, trendy, and aesthetically pleasing. 

Flexible Installation

Stone can fit in even the smallest or oddest of spaces. This advantage helps retrofit older homes with unique layouts. You don’t need a large bathroom or shower for stone to look stunning in these spaces. 

Natural Stone is Easier to Maintain Than You Might Think

Materials such as granite make it easier to take care of stone surfaces. As long as you establish a regular cleaning routine and clean based on the type of stone you have, there isn’t a reason why your stone won’t last a long time. 

We recommend the following: 

  • Wiping down your shower walls after each shower
  • Not neglecting the grout.
  • Using stone-specific cleaning products
  • Maintaining the seal on your stone shower every 6-12 months

Contact Rock Tops Fabrication today if you’re looking for ways to gorgeous stone to your bathroom.  


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