What to Know About Marble Bathroom Countertops

What to Know About Marble Bathroom Countertops

We informed you on what you should know about marble kitchen countertops. Now here’s what you should know about marble bathroom countertops.

Some homeowners might be skeptical about installing marble bathroom countertops. After all, marble is a natural stone you must handle carefully. Adding a marble vanity to your home might not seem ideal of water, makeup, spills, and other bathroom mishaps that would ruin this elegant and timeless stone. However, we’re here to tell you that marble is a durable stone, and if you treat it properly, it will work for some bathrooms while adding value and marketability to your home. We informed you on what you should know about marble kitchen countertops. Now here’s what you should know about marble bathroom countertops. 

Matte or Brushed Marble Bathroom Countertops Helps with Stains

Countertops have different material finishes affecting how glossy or dull it looks. We suggest opting for matte or antiqued/brushed marble slabs. Why? Matte or brushed vanities can camouflage watermarks, spilled power, and even dried toothpaste spills until you clean these stains. 

Marble’s veining is stunning but also turns attention away from mishaps. We strongly advise using a pH-neutral cleaner and avoiding using the coarse side of scrub brushes or sponges to clean marble. Plus, it’s also an advantage that marble vanities are not susceptible to as many acidic substances as a kitchen, such as orange juice, wine, or lemon juice. 

You’ll Have to Seal Your Marble Surfaces

You’ll need to seal your kitchen or bathroom when you add natural stone to your kitchen or bathroom. Even a durable natural stone, such as granite, requires a protective coating. Sealing marble bathroom countertops every six months to a year is safest. Otherwise, marble countertops are more likely to develop a patina. Patina is a thin crust or layer that darkens marble. This oxidation process (how long a stone sits in the sun) will give your marble a vintage look. However, consistent sealing and not allowing water stains to sit too long will fight this process. 

Marble Comes in Various Colors 

White marble is a classic choice, adding an air of regality to any space. However, marble comes in earth-toned and darker colors. Some marble slabs even have a green tint to them. We encourage you to explore your options if you want your bathroom to be edgier or different from the norm.

Marble Has Other Applications  

Marble bathroom countertops are popular for homeowners who want their bathrooms to have a high-end appeal. However, marble also has tub decks and tub surrounds applications. You can even use marble to add elegance to your fireplace surrounds. 

We hope we’ve helped you breathe a deep sigh of relief and gained some insight into caring for marble surfaces. Marble isn’t a material that you shouldn’t want in your home. If marble is within your budget and you treat this natural stone delicately, you can enjoy a timeless material for years. 


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