Natural Stone and Engineered Stone: Which One Is Right for Your Custom Rock Fabrication Services?

Natural Stone and Engineered Stone: Which One Is Right for Your Custom Rock Fabrication Services?

Here are some differences between natural and engineered stone and which is suitable for your project.

When you are ready to use custom rock fabrication services to complement your home, one of the biggest decisions you will need to make is whether to use natural stone or engineered stone. What are some of the key differences between the two, and which one is right for your project?

What Is Natural Stone?

Natural stone is a term used to describe rock that has been naturally formed instead of engineered. It has been used for centuries to serve a variety of practical purposes and aesthetic purposes. You can find natural stone used as part of custom rock fabrication services for a broad range of residential and commercial properties. Because it is beautiful and incredibly durable, natural stone remains a very popular choice.

Additionally, certain types of natural stone are resistant to heat. This makes it an easy choice for certain indoor applications, like in the kitchen, or outdoors. While you might think that natural stone has a more limited color palette, that is not necessarily the case. Natural stone is available in a remarkably broad range of colors and styles. 

What Is Engineered Stone?

Thanks to advances in technology, engineered stone has been created to offer the strength of natural stone with a broader aesthetic appeal. Engineered stone is generally resistant to chips and scratches that can damage natural stone. Additionally, because engineered stone is made instead of harvested, you can experience a more uniform finished product. When you use quartz, you will also experience a certain level of stain resistance, which is different than granite and marble.

Which Is Right for Your Custom Rock Fabrication Services? 

When you have a custom rock fabrication services project in mind, it’s important to consider the full parameters of the project. For example, engineered stone is an inappropriate option for the outdoors. It will not hold up well in the sunlight and heat, and you will experience premature damage. However, it might be a great choice for your indoor project.

Another example of this is considering things that will be used in the kitchen. Engineered stone does not do well when exposed to high levels of heat, like when you take a pan out of the oven and place it on the countertop. However, natural stone is a great application for these types of custom rock fabrication services projects.

Questions About Custom Rock Fabrication Services?

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