Considerations When Picking a Bathroom Vanity


Considerations When Picking a Bathroom Vanity

Here are factors to consider when you’re choosing a bathroom vanity.

Bathrooms are not the largest areas of your home, meaning you want to maximize the amount of usage you get from every inch of it. One part of your bathroom you’ll want to use frequently is your bathroom vanity, meaning it’s important to select the proper vanity on the first try. This is easier said than done, though, as choosing a vanity comes with many considerations. Here are factors to consider when you’re choosing a bathroom vanity.

Who Will Be Using It?

Your bathroom vanity should function best for whoever is using it, so you should think about the ones who will make the most use of the vanity before you select it. You should also think about how they’ll use the vanity. Would it be used to apply makeup? Will one or two sinks be needed? By envisioning how your vanity will be used in your daily life, you won’t find it awkward to use later.

Think About the Location of Your Plumbing

Of all of the variables that influence your vanity’s location, your plumbing is likely the most significant. If changes need to be made to your plumbing, you’ll have to spend extra money and time making those adjustments, and you want these changes to be kept to a minimum when possible.

The plumbing in your bathroom also influences which styles you can pick for your bathroom vanity. As an example, floor-mounted variants can utilize standard plumbing setups, but if you go with a wall-mounted bathroom vanity instead, your plumbing hookups might need to be rearranged a little bit.

Think About Obstacles in Your Bathroom

Your bathroom can be a tight space, so there might be obstacles that can get in the way of your vanity. Knowing these possible obstructions ahead of time will help you decide on a bathroom vanity, as well as where you place it.

The vanity will need space away from several obstructions. There are doors that can swing into it. The toilet could get in your vanity’s way if the two of them are too close together. You also don’t want to run into your vanity while trying to avoid other parts of your bathroom.

Try making a sketch of your bathroom, or possibly even simulate how you would use it. Doing these things will help you decide what type of vanity you get, and where it should go.

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