The Benefits of Soapstone in a Bathroom

The Benefits of Soapstone in a Bathroom

Soapstone is a win-win regarding aesthetics and low maintenance. Here are the benefits of soapstone in a bathroom.

It makes sense to be careful about what material you use to beautify your bathroom. The most popular stone materials for residential bathrooms are marble and granite. However, we offer other materials that can serve as excellent accenting features, such as soapstone. While you want to create a bathroom oasis with stunning decorative elements, it’s also best for your materials to be functional and practical. A bathroom holds a lot of moisture, and this moisture can damage the wrong materials. Plus, your stone won’t stay as durable if you don’t properly take care of it. Soapstone is a win-win regarding aesthetics and low maintenance. Here are the benefits of soapstone in a bathroom. 

The Softness of Soapstone

This stone is softer than granite, marble, and quartz, with a unique texture and feel. Soapstone is a metamorphic rock primarily made of talc, which is why it’s so soft. However, fear not that this soft material can’t handle the rigors of your daily hygienic routine. It’s a dense and durable material. 


This stone is non-porous, meaning it can retain the heat of the water. While we don’t advise you to place hot styling materials on any surface, if you do by accident, you won’t have to worry about your soapstone surface melting. Is there a window in your bathroom that you like to open from time to time during hot seasons? If so, this material can also take the heat in this regard. We offer many heat-resistant options that you can benefit from if durability is a must-have. 

Clean and Fosters Hygiene 

In a bathroom setting, it’s best not to have materials that harbor bacteria, making it harder to clean them. Fortunately, when you choose this stone, you get a clean and hygienic material that’s non-porous. Non-porous materials, such as quartz, are waterproof, not allowing liquid or bacteria to infiltrate these surfaces. 

The Beauty of Soapstone

This stone is an ageless and beautiful material that isn’t hard to maintain. You can apply a mineral oil coating to keep soapstone stunning for years. However, that’s all you have to do. You don’t have to seal this surface. You can look forward to creating a unique space with various light and dark styles that match multiple bathroom styles. You can also look forward to the array of colors this natural stone comes in, such as gray, green, black, and blue-ish gray. Some options also have swirls of quartz and white. 

Rock Tops Fabrication Offers A Myriad of Materials

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