5 Mistakes to Avoid When Updating Your Countertops

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Updating Your Countertops

Don’t do your home a disservice by being unprepared! With these tips, you can avoid being in a bind when installing new countertops.

When you’re remodeling, the bathroom and kitchen play some of the most vital roles in a household. In both of these areas, the countertop takes center stage. Many people underestimate all the factors that go into choosing and updating your countertops. However, by reading these five mistakes to avoid when updating your countertops, you can avoid being in a bind when installing new countertops. 

Ignoring Your Budget

We understand how satisfying it is to show up to a showroom with a picture from Pinterest and say, “I want something just like this.” However, it’s always best to ensure you don’t ignore your budget. Of course, every homeowner wants a beautiful, high-quality countertop that lasts a long time. Sometimes, this comes at a cost. However, you’d be surprised how granite can mimic marble and save you some money. 

Not Choosing the Best Countertop Material

This mistake is common but avoidable. You’ll have quite a few materials to choose from when you enhance your bathroom or kitchen countertops. Many people stray from the idea they envisioned and pick something in front of them in the showroom. It’s alright to change your mind, ensuring you know everything about the product before installing it in your home. 


Questions that you should ask include the following: 

  • Does this material chip, etch, or scratch?
  • Is this material heat-resistant?
  • Can this material handle spills? 
  • What style of bathroom or kitchen does this color/material best suit?
  • Do I have to seal this material?

Picking Based on Only One Element

Instead of thinking, “My vases filled with flowers would look nice with this color and material,” you want to consider holistically how your new countertop accentuates the room. Think about how the hardware, flooring, shelving, and cabinets would look against your updated countertops in a bathroom or kitchen. Of course, you should also consider decor, but it’s best not to decide based on singular elements. 

Not Thinking About How You Want Your Kitchen or Bathroom to Function

Consider materials such as granite or quartz if you have a high-traffic kitchen. Both countertop types are durable. However, a material such as marble would work better in a powder room with less traffic. It’s always a great idea to consider the maintenance and upkeep of your countertop to ensure it stays pristine. 

Not Choosing the Right Contractor

Ensuring that your countertops turn out beautifully depends on hiring the right contractor. You could have the most beautiful material, color, and finish picked out, only to have a novice contractor ruin what you envisioned. 


Fortunately, you won’t have to worry about this when you partner with Rock Tops Fabrication. We have two decades of experience installing stunning residential and commercial countertops with state-of-the-art custom fabrication. Contact us today if “updating your countertops” is on your New Year’s Resolutions list. 



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