Signs You Need a Fireplace Replacement


Signs You Need a Fireplace Replacement

Here are signs that you’re ready for a fireplace replacement.

Fireplaces are gifts for homes that have them. They supply warmth when we need it the most, and they do so while keeping your energy bill lower. Unfortunately, they don’t last forever, and there will come a time when your fireplace has run its course, meaning it’s time to get a new one. The only question is: how do you know when replacing your fireplace is the right choice to make? Here are signs that you’re ready for a fireplace replacement.

Your Fireplace Doesn’t Heat Your Home as Well Anymore

Fireplaces are meant to provide your home with heat, so if it’s not performing this task for you, then getting a new one is likely a smart decision for you. This is especially true if you have either an electric or gas fireplace. This is because those types of fireplaces tend to get connected to broader systems inside of your house. Therefore, if your fireplace isn’t heating your home, there’s possibly a bigger systemic issue at hand, one that requires professional intervention to remedy.

You Have an Old Fireplace

The lifespan of your fireplace will depend on what model you have. Wooden and brick fireplaces can last for generations if you take good care of them, but gas and electric models pretty much cap out at around 20 years. So, if your fireplace is reaching the end point of its lifespan, a fireplace replacement could be a good idea for you.

You Have to Perform Maintenance More Often Than Normal

When parts of our home get older, we have to spend more time on maintenance procedures to keep them in good shape, and fireplaces are no exception here. If you find that you’re constantly hiring professionals to come maintain your fireplace, it’s likely a better idea to get a fireplace replacement instead. You’ll spend more money upfront, but the time and money you save on repairs and maintenance will be worth it.

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