Why Use Granite For Your Outdoor Kitchen Countertop?

Why Use Granite For Your Outdoor Kitchen Countertop?

Today, we’ll be explaining why granite is a preferred material to use for an outdoor kitchen countertop.

Are you looking to improve an outdoor kitchen you have around your house? If so, then getting a new outdoor kitchen countertop can be the perfect idea. Among the countertops you could pick, there are options made from many materials. From those materials, we feel that granite is one of the best materials available for your installation. Today, we’ll be explaining why granite is a preferred material to use for an outdoor kitchen countertop.

Granite is Resistant to Scratches and Chipping

When you get an outdoor kitchen countertop, you want one that is durable that will last you for years. Granite is perfect in this regard because it’s a sturdy material that doesn’t scratch or chip very easily. Behind only diamonds, it’s the hardest material found worldwide, which is a testament to how resilient it is. When cared for properly, you can expect to get decades of use out of a granite outdoor kitchen countertop.

Granite Countertops are Resistant to Heat

Another perk you get with a granite outdoor kitchen countertop is that it’s resistant to heat. This is great because outdoor kitchens get a lot of use in the summertime when the heat is at its most intense. You’ll also be working with hot food and kitchen appliances very often, so being able to rest these hot items on your countertop without fear of heat damage is a big perk. Granite is formed as a result of heat and pressure, so it will have no trouble handling the heat of whatever items you place on your countertop.

Granite Has Stain Resistance

Granite outdoor kitchen countertops even come with stain resistance, which is perfect since you want to keep your countertop looking its best at all times. Some foods can get rather messy, so having a countertop that won’t get stained easily is a big plus if you want to avoid looking like you have a messy kitchen. Acids and alkalines can still stain this material, but if you apply a sealant to your countertop, you should still maintain a good amount of stain resistance. Ask your countertop contractor what kinds of sealant you should use, and how often to use them.

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