5 Considerations Before Investing in a New Countertop

New Countertop Installation Considerations Rock Tops Fabrication

Has a new countertop been on your list of home upgrades?

Has a new countertop been on your list of home upgrades? Have you been indecisive about what type of countertop surface to choose? Maybe you’re not sure which edge treatment to select. When you choose a new countertop, it shouldn’t be a rushed decision. After all, countertops can last for decades. Therefore, you want to ensure that you’re satisfied with your selection. Today, we will help you streamline your thinking by narrowing down the core questions you should answer regarding a new countertop selection. 

How Often Will You Use Your Countertop? 

Most often, people think about a countertop’s aesthetics but sometimes overlook its functionality. You should always pick a material that aligns with how you use this space daily. Otherwise, you may not be making the best economic decision. Ask yourself:

  • Do I cook often?
  • Do my gatherings or children cause a lot of wear and tear?
  • Do I plan on selling my home or living there long?

Another thing that people don’t think about is mixing and matching countertop materials to save money. If you know that you want a large kitchen island because you have a big family, you may want to use a less expensive material here and then splurge on your smaller countertop surfaces. 

How Much Are You Willing to Take Care of Your New Kitchen Countertop?

Before merely falling in love with a countertop’s appearance, you should think about the demands that come with its upkeep. Porous materials you only have to seal annually. Engineered stone takes a quick wipedown. A natural stone such as marble is stunning, but this material is ideal in power rooms or areas with no foot traffic. Think of a marble countertop as a centerpiece made for display. 

How Much Space Needs Coverage?

Many factors constitute the price of a new countertop. The material is a factor, and so are the edge treatments, thickness of the slab, and the feet of countertop space that you use. The price to install only a kitchen island versus all of the countertops in your kitchen plus a kitchen island makes a significant difference in pricing. It would be best if you worked square footage into your budget. 

What’s Your Budget?

The benefit of natural stone countertops is that you don’t have to jeopardize quality or style even when you’re on a budget. For example, you may find that a marble countertop is a bit out of your price range, quartz can replicate marble, but it isn’t as expensive

Which Color and Materials Will Complement Your Home? 

Within any home, it’s best to create contrast, even if it’s a subtle contrast. If your cabinets are dark, you may appreciate a lighter countertop color. If your cabinets or flooring are deep brown, you could go for a white countertop with brown specks. The point is that you can coordinate or contrast colors (ideally neutrals), but you don’t have to have an exact match. 


If you have questions regarding kitchen or bathroom countertop trends, Rock Tops Fabrication is here to answer them. Our trained professionals are here to make sure that your new kitchen is designed and finished in exactly the way you want it. We service Maryland, DC, and Virginia. Feel free to give us a call at 410-363-4257. For more information, tips, and tricks, and to see what we have been up to, be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, and Houzz.

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