Bathroom Countertop Replacement Indicators

Bathroom Countertop Replacement Rock Tops Fabrication

Would you know if your bathroom countertop needed a replacement?

Today we will go over some clear indicators that you should replace your bathroom countertop. When it comes to a well-designed bathroom, the minute details can make it or break it. You deserve an aesthetically pleasing bathroom that gives you ultimate peace. If these signs apply to your bathroom countertop, give Rock Tops Fabrication a call today. 

Eroding or Cracking

A bathroom is susceptible to a lot of moisture. The rate at which a countertop cracks or erodes all comes down to the material. If you notice that the material underneath your countertop is now visible, it’s safe to say that your countertop has seen better days. No amount of repair can help fix this issue, and it’s best to replace your bathroom countertop. 

Stains and Discoloration That Won’t Go Away

Limestone bathroom countertops can be susceptible to staining and discoloration. For this reason, you should upgrade to a granite countertop if you want the ultimate durability. Sometimes cleaning is not enough to get rid of particular stains, and using the wrong cleaners can be too abrasive. So long as you seal natural stone countertops and use the appropriate cleaners, you can look forward to their bacteria-resistant advantages. 

If You Don’t Love The Look of Your Bathroom Counter

A bathroom’s ambiance matters. Not only do you want to opt for a material that isn’t difficult to clean or stains easily, but you should also undeniably be in love with the color and appearance of your bathroom countertop. Every time you wash your hands or grab something from your bathroom vanity or cabinet, you should marvel at your bathroom countertop’s beauty. Your bathroom countertop should also be stunning enough that guests are in awe of it. 

If You Want Increased Home Value

If you’re selling your home eventually, ensure that your bathroom is functional and visually attractive. Prospective homeowners are more nitpicky than some people may realize. An outdated, eroding bathroom countertop may be a deal-breaker. Some potential homebuyers don’t mind buying fixer-uppers, but many would prefer a move-in-ready home. Every homeowner will put their unique touch on a home, but the less work they have to do, the better. 

If you’re ready for an enhanced bathroom, give Rock Tops Fabrication a call today! 


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