Myths Surrounding Natural Stone Countertops

Natural Stone Countertops Myths Rock Tops Fabrication

Natural stone countertops are always a topic of discussion regarding home remodeling

Natural stone countertops are always a topic of discussion regarding home remodeling. Natural stone can add polish, style, and elegance to even the smallest countertops. Homeowners love to use natural stone on their countertops because it comes in so many price points, colors, designs, and styles. There will always be natural stone countertops that are suitable for any homeowner due to their flexibility. If you’ve been unsure about adding a natural stone countertop in your home, we’re here to debunk some common myths. 

All Natural Stone Countertops Stain Easily

Some countertop materials, like marble, require special attention and care. However, durable materials such as granite are relatively low-maintenance and can remain pristine even with occasional spills. Ensure that you don’t wipe your countertop surfaces down with harsh cleaning materials and seal granite countertops every year to aid in longevity. Quartz countertops are stain-resistant. No material is 100% stain-proof, but materials like these take more effort to damage them. 

Natural Stone Doesn’t Rank High in Longevity.

How you care for your countertop impacts how long it will last. However, in general, natural stone can last hundreds of years. Some of the longest-lasting ancient artifacts were comprised of natural stone. Natural stone applies well in multiple settings because of its durability. 

Natural Stone Countertops Won’t Increase Your Home’s Value.

Homeowners search for a stunning kitchen island and complementary countertops to bring a home together and serve as a focal point. Of course, the more updated your home is, the better. When you choose natural stone for your bathroom or your kitchen, it offers a high ROI. Natural stone lasts for decades without going out of style. 

Natural Stone Doesn’t Provide Visual Interest.

Natural stone comes in various shades, and even when it comes in a neutral color, the veining can be so unique and stunning. No slab looks the same, and it’s more than possible to have an appealing countertop that speaks to your specific needs. In addition, natural stone comes in so many textures and patterns that it has more than enough visual interest to offer. 


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