Should You Upgrade Your Bathroom with Marble?

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Marble is luxurious and makes any home appear more elegant

 Marble is luxurious and makes any home appear more elegant. However, is it worth adding to your bathroom? Today we will help you answer that question. It can be challenging to upgrade a bathroom because of how many colors and unique patterns natural stone offers. For that reason, we want you to be well-informed of all your options. Here are some things to consider about marble vanity countertops or tub surrounds

The Basics of Marble 

Marble is a material that builders have used in buildings and sculptures for thousands of years. Marble’s composition is mostly calcite and turns into limestone under extreme heat and pressure. Initially, this natural stone represented wealth and power. However, now it’s a material that’s accessible to any homeowner, depending on their budget. 

The Advantages 

Undeniably, this natural stone is a beautiful addition to any home. Each marble slab has unique patterns. Therefore, you can look forward to adding visual interest to your bathroom. This stone has a classic and regal look that will make any space appear more stunning. Marble is a material that will always be trendy, and it will always be in style. 

What to Consider About Maintenance 

Anything that you value deserves the proper care. Therefore, you should keep in mind that marble has a highly porous surface. Marble vanity countertops are best for bathrooms in the home that people use the least or don’t have heavy foot traffic. You have to be careful what hair dyes, soaps, and makeup removers you use in a bathroom where marble is present. Refrain from using acidic cleaners on any natural stone surface. In addition, only buy marble-safe cleaners. It would be best if you also remembered that marble requires periodic sealing

So, Should I Upgrade My Bathroom with This Material?

If you don’t mind the maintenance and want your home to appear more luxurious, marble is an excellent choice. It’s a high-end material that will take your home to a new level. Learn more about this material and various ways to enhance your bathroom’s appearance by giving us a call today. Every hardworking homeowner deserves a bathroom oasis. 


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